Two-Dimensional Stochastic Rotation Dynamics for Fluid Simulation

Authors: Benoît Crespin, Công Tâm Tran, Manuella Cerbelaud, Arnaud Videcoq, Emmanuelle Darles

This paper presents a new method for fluid simulation based on Stochastic Rotation Dynamics. The SRD model relies on a particle-based representation, but does not consider incompressibility. We generalize this model by introducing additional computation steps in order to handle this type of behavior, and also two-way coupling between the fluid and immersed objects. As a proof of concept, our method is implemented on the CPU to produce different types of simulations such as dam-break flood, falling droplets and mixing of two fluids.


Journal: Journal of Computer and Communications
DOI: 10.4236/jcc.2020.82003 (PDF)
Paper Id: 98351 (metadata)

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