IUID Method-Mix: Towards a Systematic Approach for Intercultural User Interface Design (IUID)

Author: Rüdiger Heimgärtner

A method-mix for intercultural user interface design (IUID) is explained and exemplified by application examples based on a hybrid approach covering cultural contexts in human-computer interaction (HCI) design using a model of culturally influenced HCI. Cultural influence on HCI is described using cultural variables for user interface design. Assumptions and empirical results regarding the influence of culture on HCI, considering the path of the information processing and the interaction style between Chinese and German users are explained based on cultural models. Subsequent indicators represent the relationship between culture and HCI (culturally imprinted by the user). Correlations adopted theoretically between cultural dimensions and variables for HCI design were investigated. These correlations represent relevant constituents of a model for culturally influenced HCI. Considerations applying this model and evidence for the proper application of the IUID method-mix are presented elucidating why and how cultural aspects play a role in HCI design and usability/UX engineering. The IUID method-mix serves to inspire HCI engineers in the requirement analysis phase as well as HCI designers in the design phase. The readers are thereby sensitized to the challenges of intercultural usability/UX engineering and intercultural HCI design and will be equipped with methodological knowledge relevant to the derivation of design recommendations for user interface design for and in their desired cultural contexts. Finally, implications for practitioners are shown, including HCI style scores and practical design recommendations, to prognosticate the effort and the expenditures for considering the cultural context in IUID.


Journal: Journal of Computer and Communications
DOI: 10.4236/jcc.2019.77015(PDF)
Paper Id: 93721 (metadata)

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