Energy Proficient Reliable Rim Routing Technique for Wireless Heterogeneous Sensor Networks Lifespan Fortification

Author(s): S. G. Susila, J. Arputhavijayaselvi

Sensor nodes are mainly shielded in the field with limited power supply. In Wireless Sensor Networks, there must be a requirement of an efficient power management, because sensor nodes are deployed in unman attended area with non-rechargeable batteries. Power management can be done by different methods of routing protocols. The proposed Reliable Rim Routing (3R) technique is based on hybrid routing protocol for homogeneous and heterogeneous system for WSNs to ameliorate the performance of the overall system. In 3R, total node deployment area can be multipart in terms of rim and in each rim, and some of the sensor nodes transmit their sensed data directly to base station, and meanwhile remaining sensor nodes send the data through clustering technique to base station like SEP. Proposed 3R technique implementation proves its enhanced WSNs lifetime of 70% energy consumption and 40% throughput compared with existing protocols. Simulation and evaluation results outperformed in terms of energy consumption with increased throughput and network lifetime.


Journal: Circuits and Systems
DOI: 10.4236/cs.2016.78151 (PDF)
Paper Id: 67506 (metadata)

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