Software Defined Network (SDN) and OpenFlow Protocol in 5G Network

Authors: Khaled Alghamdi, Robin Braun

The world is moving at a high speed in the implementation and innovations of new systems and gadgets. 3G and 4G networks support currently wireless network communications. However, the networks are deemed to be slow and fail to receive signals or data transmission to various regions as a result of solving the problem. This paper will analyze the use of Software Defined Network (SDN) in a 5G (fifth generation) network that can be faster and reliable. Further, in Mobile IP, there exist triangulation problems between the sending and receiving nodes along with latency issues during handoff for the mobile nodes causing huge burden in the network. With Cloud Computing and ecosystem for Virtualization developed for the Core and Radio Networks SDN OpenFlow seems to be a seamless solution for determining signal flow between mobiles. There have been a lot of researches going on for deploying SDN OpenFlow with the 5G Cellular Network. The current paper performs benchmarks as a feasibility need for implementing SDN OpenFlow for 5G Cellular Network. The Handoff mechanism impacts the scalability required for a cellular network and simulation results can be further used to be deployed the 5G Network.


Journal: Communications and Network
DOI: 10.4236/cn.2020.121002(PDF)
Paper Id: 97886 (metadata)

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