Multiple Architectural Approach for Urban Development Using Wearable IoT Devices: A Combined Machine Learning Approach

Authors: Raghu T Mylavarapu, Bharadwaja Krishnadev Mylavarapu

Machine Learning becomes a part of our life in recent days and everything we do in interlinked with machine learning. As a technocrat, we tried to implement machine learning with Internet of Things (IoT) for better implementation of technology in organizations for security. We designed an sample architecture which will carry the burden of safeguarding the organizational data with IoT using machine learning with an effective manner and in this case we were proposing utilization of cloud computing for better understanding of data storage and retrieval process. Machine learning is used for the prediction models based on which we need to perform high level analysis of data and using IoT we promote authorization mechanism based on which we recognize the appropriate recipient of data and cloud for managing the data services with the three-tier architecture. We present the architecture we are proposing for better utilization of machine learning and IoT with cloud architecture.


Journal: Advances in Internet of Things
DOI: 10.4236/ait.2018.83003 (PDF)
Paper Id: 86369 (metadata)

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