Intensification of the Banana Drying Processes by Using EFL Electromagnetic Waves

Author(s): Arif Memmedov, Teymuraz Abbasov, Mustafa Şeker

Drying of the banana in the hot water has a negative impact on the quality of the product and drying effect. The purposes of this study are increasing the drying rate, using the relatively low temperature to improve the quality (40℃, 50℃ and 60℃) and investigate the use of electromagnetic waves to increase the drying speed. Therefore, experiments are performed using 5 kHz,10 kHz and 15 kHz low frequency electromagnetic waves in the air velocity values of 0.5 m/s, 1 m/s, 1.5 m/s and 2 m/s and 40℃, 50℃, 60℃ centigrade degrees of air blast in a special compartment. Mathematical model of the drying process has been created as using the electrical circuits methods and experimental results. As a result, a simple equation describing the drying process has been obtained. Nonlinear expression of the diffusion coefficient for a different situation in this equation has been identified for the first time. The obtained theoretical results and experimental results have been provided a good agreement. This study is considered to be useful for all studies in the drying area.


Journal: World Journal of Engineering and Technology
DOI: 10.4236/wjet.2016.42028 (PDF)
Paper Id: 66675 (metadata)

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