Blast Wave Parameters for Spherical Explosives Detonation in Free Air

Author(s): I. Sochet, D. Gardebas, S. Calderara, Y. Marchal, B. Longuet

Several formulations have been published to define the characteristic parameters of an incident blast wave. In almost all previous work, the charge examined has been TNT explosive and overpressure has been the main parameter examined. In this paper, we describe an investigation based on three explosives, TNT, PETN and ANFO, which has been conducted by considering three parameters: overpressure, duration and impulse of the positive blast wave phase. Calculations of the three parameters were conducted using TM5-855 through the tool CONWEP and AUTODYN. The positive overpressures were calculated using the new forensic software ASIDE. The evolution of these blast wave parameters is expressed by combining the laws of two approaches: the forensic approach and the security approach. TNT equivalents are expressed in terms of pressure and impulse for the comparisons of ANFO and PETN.


Journal: Open Journal of Safety Science and Technology
DOI: 10.4236/ojsst.2011.12004 (PDF)
Paper Id: 7453 (metadata)

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