Investigation of Changes in the Fine Structure of Graphitizing Carbon Materials during Heat Treatment by X-Ray Diffraction Analysis

Authors: Vasiliy A. Tyumentsev, Alfiya G. Fazlitdinova

The properties of synthetic graphite materials, widely used in advanced fields, are determined by their structure, which is formed in the process of high-temperature (~2500°C) heat treatment. The fine structure of a graphitizing carbon material based on petroleum coke containing 1.3 wt% S at various stages of graphitization was studied by X-ray diffraction analysis. Some of the samples contained the addition of dispersed Fe2O3. It is shown that the heat-treated material in the range 1200°C – 2600°C is heterogeneous, its component composition is determined by the processing temperature and the presence of Fe2O3 additive. The observed dependence of the component composition on the heat treatment temperature suggests that the process of graphitization of the carbon material, apparently, develops through a number of metastable states.


Journal: Journal of Materials Science and Chemical Engineering
DOI: 10.4236/msce.2020.810002(PDF)
Paper Id: 103468 (metadata)

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