Mechanochemical Methods in the Production of High Purity Gases

Authors: Konstantin Chuntonov, Boris Verbitsky, Alexey O. Ivanov,
Victor L. Kozhevniko

The development of advanced and cost-effective methods is of prime importance for manufacturers of high purity gases. In this paper a new strategy in the development of gas flow purification technologies is described, where instead of adsorbents reactants are used, in which not only the surface is used in gas capturing but the entire volume of the material. Moreover, the reactants are activated in the gas flow by a controlled mechanical tool, which keeps the sorption kinetics at the required highest level and reduces the unproductive losses of the consumed reactant almost to zero. The advantages of the method are demonstrated with the examples of two novel gas purification units that are distinguished with uncomplicated design, serviceability and ultimately high purification efficiency.


Journal: Materials Sciences and Applications
DOI: 10.4236/msa.2018.95034 (PDF)
Paper Id: 84746 (metadata)

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