Acidic Polyester Imides as Thermally Stable Binder Polymers for Negative-Tone Black Photoresist

Authors: Genggongwo Shi, Kyeongha Baek, Jun Bae, Lee Soon Park

Polyimides are well-known for their high chemical inertness and thermal stability. However, it is usually challenging to synthesize UV-curable polyimides since the imidization reaction requires such harsh conditions that acrylate type double bonds cannot withstand. In this work, synthetic methods are developed to obtain polyester-imide type binder polymers with high thermal stability, high compatibility with the other components of the black photoresist, and fine photolithographic patterning property for the negative-tone black photoresist. The syntheses of diimide-diacid or diimide-diol intermediates for the polyesterification with dianhydride gave polyester imides which meets this requirement. The photolithographic tests have shown that the patterning of the micron-sized PDL of the organic light emitting diode (OLED) panel could be obtained. This work will interest the researchers working on the design and optimization of thermally stable binder polymers.


Journal: Materials Sciences and Applications
DOI: 10.4236/msa.2020.114016 (PDF)
Paper Id: 99462 (metadata)

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