Hydrothermally Synthesized NanobioMOFs, Evaluated by Photocatalytic Hydrogen Generation

Authors: Tabinda Sattar, Muhammad Athar

Three new materials, nanobioMOFs (cobalt argeninate, cobalt asparaginate and cobalt glutaminate) have been hydrothermally synthesized. Nano sized morphology of all these materials have been obtained by scanning electron microscopic technique. Mass spectrometric studies of all these materials have been conducted for determination of their molar masses. All these nanobioMOFs have been found to exhibit photocatalytic hydrogen generation in pure water upon irradiation at wavelengths longer than 650 nm. The amounts of quantum yield of hydrogen generation at 650 nm in water was 4.5%, 4.0% and 3.5% for cobalt argeninate, cobalt asparaginate and cobalt glutaminate respectively. The apparently higher yield of hydrogen generation from these amine functionalized nanobioMOFs can direct to the development of more nano sized functionalized MOFs for water splitting.


Journal: Modern Research in Catalysis
DOI: 10.4236/mrc.2017.62007 (PDF)
Paper Id: 75419 (metadata)

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