Enzymatic Hydrolysis of Hairtail Surimi in an Ultra-High Pressure Bioreactor

Authors: Deqing Yang, Rong Liu, Yongsheng Wang, Minrui Ou, Junjie Gu

Amino acids have been extracted from Hairtail surimi using enzymes in an ultra-high pressure bioreactor. The extraction efficiency of different enzymes including papain, trypsin, and proteases (acid, neutral, alkaline) also has been evaluated, and it has been discovered that neutral protease behaved the best. The amino acids were analyzed using automatic amino acid analyzer, and the enzymatic digestion conditions were optimized. For neutral protease, the optimal condition was 50℃, 250 MPa, pH 7.0. Material to liquid ratio of enzyme is 6%. More than 29 amino acids were detected after 24 hours of hydrolysis; the enzymatic hydrolysis rate can reach 83.29%. The results show that enzymatic digestion under ultra-high-pressure provides a very promising approach to extract amino acids from Hairtail surimi.


Journal: Advances in Biological Chemistry
DOI: 10.4236/abc.2019.96015(PDF)
Paper Id: 97512 (metadata)

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