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Applications of Microscopy in Bacteriology

Author(s): Mini Mishra , Pratima Chauhan ABSTRACT Bacteria are smallest primitive, simple, unicellular, prokaryotic and microscopic organisms. But these organisms cannot be studied with naked eyes because of their minute structure. Therefore in search for the information about the structure … Continue reading

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The Last 15,000 Years: Climate-Controlled and “Rare-Event”-Triggered/Rise and Fall of Holocene Cultures in the Near/Middle East and in Central Europe—Evidence and Background

Author(s): Werner Schneider, Elias Salameh ABSTRACT Pushed by the results of a preceding publication on the possibly Quaternary Jebel Waqf as Suwwan Meteorite Crater, Jordan [5], where an amazing coincidence of Rapid Climate Changes (RCCs) with Rise and Fall of … Continue reading

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