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Profile of Promoters and Hindering Teachers Creativity: Own or Shared?

Author(s): Nazira Píriz Giménez ABSTRACT Creativity is now at days a valued quality in all its areas and most particulary in Education. However, there is still widespread ignorance of Creativity in the Formal Education’s field and a lack of scientific … Continue reading

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Thinking about Thinking: Can the Face Be a Window to the Mind

Author(s): Allen Tager ABSTRACT Mankind is on the verge of an evolutionary breakthrough that has the potential to transform the human way of life. In this manuscript I propose a new approach to education, which focuses on developing the “intuitive … Continue reading

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Similarity in Superstitions in Anatolian and Chinese Cultures

Author(s): Güliz Ulu ABSTRACT This article aims at exploring similarity between Anatolian and Chinese prevalent superstitions, the reasons behind them and contributing to literature concerning superstitions. In this comparative study, marriage, birth, and death superstitions and their impacts on people’s … Continue reading

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The War on P (Pure, Methamphetamine) in New Zealand, a Moral-Panic?

Author(s): Tony Carton ABSTRACT This article illuminates how the transfiguration from the sociological concept of moral-panic to moral-regulation replicates wider socioeconomic conditions. The author urges that the Alcohol and Other Drug (named so in order that alcohol can also be … Continue reading

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Eroticism: Why It Still Matters

Author(s): Ferdinand Fellmann ABSTRACT This article is about Eroticism as a key-concept in the psychological understanding of the human mind. The meaning of the term can be defined as follows: Eroticism is the way humans experience sexuality as a self-sufficient … Continue reading

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Predicting Framed Decisions: Simulation or Theory?

Author(s): Anton Kühberger, Claudia Luger-Bazinger ABSTRACT When predicting thoughts and behavior of other people, we use either the self as the basis for predictions (i.e., we simulate others), or theoretical knowledge (i.e., we use knowledge about others). To find out … Continue reading

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Art and Education or Education through Art: Educating through Image

Author(s): Peri Mesquida, Kellin Cristina Melchior Inocêncio ABSTRACT This article is part of a partial research report on education through art in preschool and elementary school, mainly in the last year of preschool and in the first year of primary … Continue reading

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A Novel Non-Pharmaceutical Treatment for Patients with Mild Cognitive Impairment

Author(s): Christina Darviri, Chrysa Zavitsanou, Aikaterini Delikou, Aikaterini Giotaki, Artemios Artemiadis, Aspasia Terentiou, George P. Chrousos ABSTRACT Mild cognitive impairment (MCI) represents a pre-dementia stage. Currently, there is no evidence for long-term efficacy of pharmacological treatment for preventing conversion to … Continue reading

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A Literature Review on the Connection between Stress and Self-Esteem

Author(s):Michael J. Galanakis , Anastasia Palaiologou, Georgia Patsi, Ioanna-Maria Velegraki , Christina Darviri ABSTRACT The current study investigates how stress and self-esteem interact in a wide range of levels. Studying the recent literature of the last five years, we understood … Continue reading

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Openness in Scandinavian Classrooms: Student Perceptions of Teaching Practices and High Achievers of Civic Knowledge

Author(s) : Lihong Huang1, Heidi Biseth ABSTRACT In this paper, we explore how teaching practices in classrooms influence students’ civic knowledge achievement in three Scandinavian countries: Denmark, Norway, and Sweden. Using data from the 2009 International Civic and Citizenship Education … Continue reading

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