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She Is a Widow: The Story of Six Druze Widows in Israel

Author(s): Janan Faraj Falah ABSTRACT This study of six Druze widows in Israel deals with Druze law, women’s personal status, the widows’ difficulties, and the conflicts between Druze traditional society and modernity. The Druze society is a traditional, collective, patriarchal … Continue reading

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Responsible Research and Innovation for the Media Facebook: Community Involvement in the Study on Agrobiodiversity

Author(s): Patricia Lupion Torres, Neusa Nogueira Fialho, Raquel Pasternak Glitz Kowalski, Alexandra Okada ABSTRACT This presented research has been developed in Curitiba, Brazil at Pontificia Universidade Catolica do Parana—PUCPR and has organized exhibition by the research group Pedagogical Practice on … Continue reading

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The Communications and Internet Revolution in International Relations

Author(s): Elnur Hasan Mikail, Cavit Emre Aytekin ABSTRACT In this study, the main subject is the role of the Communications and Internet Revolution in International Relations. The principal motivation of the author to conduct this essay is the need to … Continue reading

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Tolerance of Sexual Diversity, Gender Equity, and Sexual and Reproductive Rights: Determining Factors of Sexual Education and Awareness in the New Millennium

Author(s): Miguel Barbosa Fontes, Rodrigo Campos Crivelaro, Alice Margini Scartezini, David Duarte Lima, Alexandre de Araújo Garcia, Rafael Tsuyoshi Fujioka ABSTRACT The objective of the research was to evaluate the level of sexual education and awareness of Brazilian youth regarding … Continue reading

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Education and the Arts: Educating Every Child in the Spirit of Inquiry and Joy

Author(s): Mariale M. Hardiman ABSTRACT This paper explores the political and social forces that have led to the well-documented narrowing of the curriculum, squeezing out arts programming in schools. While not intended to be an exhaustive literature review, this work … Continue reading

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School Leadership Role in a Conflict and Post-Conflict Environment School Reconstruction as a Professional Learning Community

Author(s): David Nkengbeza ABSTRACT Understanding the role school leadership plays in rebuilding schools as professional learning communities is a crucial step forward in tackling the numerous challenges of conflict and post-conflict school reconstruction. The purpose of this article is to … Continue reading

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Does Animation Facilitate Better Learning in Primary Education? A Comparative Study of Three Different Subjects

Author(s): M. Shreesha, Sanjay Kumar Tyagi ABSTRACT The research and innovation in the field of computer and technology has made significant contribution for the development of new pedagogical strategies in all levels of education. The use of digital tools like … Continue reading

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Evidence-Based Physiotherapy Culture—The Influence of Health Care Leaders in Sweden

Author(s): Petra Dannapfel, Per Nilsen ABSTRACT Research in physiotherapy has increased rapidly over the last decade, yet studies have shown that many practice decisions continue to be based on knowledge obtained during initial physiotherapy education and/or personal experience, rather than … Continue reading

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Playing through the Pain: A University-Based Study of Sports Injury

Author(s):Geneviève Jessiman-Perreault, Jenny Godley ABSTRACT This paper presents findings from a survey that assessed university students’ opinions about sports injury. Specifically, the paper seeks to understand whether university students who participate in sports at different levels would choose to participate … Continue reading

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Impact of Smoking on Circadian Typology, Sleep Habits and Mental Health of Japanese Students Aged 18 – 30 Years

Author(s): Takahiro Kawada, Kotaro Oki, Yumiko Yamazaki, Fujiko Tsuji, Miyo Nakade, Teruki Noji, Milada Krejci, Hitomi Takeuchi, Tetsuo Harada ABSTRACT Many studies have shown that smoking can be related to worse sleep quality. However, as the impact of smoking, double view … Continue reading

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