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Churchill’s Radical War Leadership

Author(s):Jaap A. Hoogenboezem ABSTRACT Winston Churchill is, rightly, hailed as a great war-leader. In 1940, when the German armies were all-powerful, and an invasion of Great Britain seemed imminent, morale in Great Britain was slipping. Churchill, with nothing more than … Continue reading

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The Beginnings of Maritime Travel

Author(s): Robert G. Bednarik ABSTRACT Navigation of the sea is shown to have commenced in the order of one million years ago. The earliest evidence for it appears to be that available from Nusa Tenggara, Indonesia, but seafarers colonized also … Continue reading

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What Do Teachers Desire in Music Digital Textbook for Leaner-Centered Curriculum?

Author(s): Sahoon H. Kim ABSTRACT We are living in the 21st century that requires us to know how to integrate paper based curricula into interactive media. The purpose of the study is to provide exemplary cases that music teachers hope … Continue reading

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Revisiting WTO Fisheries Subsidies Negotiations

Author(s):Youngjeen Cho ABSTRACT Fisheries subsidies negotiation was added to the negotiation agenda of the DDA largely by the concern for the depletion of fishery stocks. Some members, in particular, the Friends of Fish group countries, claimed that over-fishing and overcapacity … Continue reading

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A Survey Study on the Profile of Human Smugglers in Turkey

Author(s):Tülin Günşen İçli, Hanifi Sever, Muhammed Sever ABSTRACT Illegal migration is an impalpable phenomenon with complicated dimensions. Thousands of people leave their homelands every year due to a number of reasons such as civil wars, terrorism, economic difficulties, and social … Continue reading

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Does the Metacognitive Attitude Predict Work Motivation in Italian Teachers?

Author(s):Paola Magnano, Giuseppe Santisi, Tiziana Ramaci ABSTRACT Motivation to teach is a complex construct; often it is not observed directly but rather inferred from the teachers’ behavioural indexes, such as verbalisations, task choices and goal-directed activities. It is related to … Continue reading

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Sexism in News: A Comparative Study on the Portray of Female and Male Politicians in The New York Times

Author(s):Haoyun Dai, Xiaodong Xu ABSTRACT Adopting a comparative and descriptive case study of The New York Times , this paper aims to probe into the gender discrimination against female politicians in the news media. The New York Times , one … Continue reading

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Response to a Blog Post “Open Access Linguistics: You’re Doing It Wrong”

We noticed a blog entry with the title “Open Access Linguistics: You’re Doing It Wrong”. It was released online with date 2014-04-02 and marked online as 2014-04-01: We are not taking this as a April Fool’s Day joke and … Continue reading

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Innovative Thinking in Collegiate Pedagogy in the Big Data Era—Analysis of the Teaching Platform Required in China

Author(s): Ke Ming, Lu Mengxing ABSTRACT From the perspectives of the innovation of teaching methods and the kind of thinking ability that the society in the future may require, this article explores the prospect of reform of pedagogy in colleges … Continue reading

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Do We Have an Inborn Moral Sense?

Author(s): Marilyn Walker ABSTRACT This paper reviews some recent work in the relationship between caring behavior among humans, an evolutionary adaptation necessary for survival of the species, and our moral sense of right and wrong. The investigation presents some of … Continue reading

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