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School Leadership Role in a Conflict and Post-Conflict Environment School Reconstruction as a Professional Learning Community

Author(s): David Nkengbeza ABSTRACT Understanding the role school leadership plays in rebuilding schools as professional learning communities is a crucial step forward in tackling the numerous challenges of conflict and post-conflict school reconstruction. The purpose of this article is to … Continue reading

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Evidence-Based Physiotherapy Culture—The Influence of Health Care Leaders in Sweden

Author(s): Petra Dannapfel, Per Nilsen ABSTRACT Research in physiotherapy has increased rapidly over the last decade, yet studies have shown that many practice decisions continue to be based on knowledge obtained during initial physiotherapy education and/or personal experience, rather than … Continue reading

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Playing through the Pain: A University-Based Study of Sports Injury

Author(s):Geneviève Jessiman-Perreault, Jenny Godley ABSTRACT This paper presents findings from a survey that assessed university students’ opinions about sports injury. Specifically, the paper seeks to understand whether university students who participate in sports at different levels would choose to participate … Continue reading

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Impact of Smoking on Circadian Typology, Sleep Habits and Mental Health of Japanese Students Aged 18 – 30 Years

Author(s): Takahiro Kawada, Kotaro Oki, Yumiko Yamazaki, Fujiko Tsuji, Miyo Nakade, Teruki Noji, Milada Krejci, Hitomi Takeuchi, Tetsuo Harada ABSTRACT Many studies have shown that smoking can be related to worse sleep quality. However, as the impact of smoking, double view … Continue reading

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Changes of Children’s Motivation in Physical Education and Physical Activity: A Longitudinal Perspective

Author(s): Xiangli Gu, Tao Zhang ABSTRACT Children’s motivation towards Physical Education (PE) decreases over the elementary school year, but little is known about how and why those declines influence changes of children’s intention and Physical Activity (PA). Guided by the … Continue reading

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Aliens, Humans, Animals, & Luck: Animal Treatment & Human Morality

Author(s): Randall S. Firestone ABSTRACT This paper proposes two thought experiments to demonstrate that our current treatment of animals is immoral. The first thought experiment involves aliens coming to earth and doing to us what we do to animals—eating us, … Continue reading

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Freezing of Reality: Is Flow of Time Real?

Author(s): Bernard Korzeniewski ABSTRACT In physics, space-time is frequently treated as a congealed timeless block, in which there is no place for the unidirectional and irreversible flow (arrow) of time and the present. However, we receive the world subjectively as … Continue reading

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Business Start-Ups or Disguised Unemployment? Evidence on the Determinants of Self-Employment from Urban China

Author(s):Xinxin Ma ABSTRACT This study provides evidence on the determinants of self-employment for urban local registration residents in China. Using CHIP2007, the employment status is divided into four categories: self-employed employers, own-account workers, employees, and the unemployed. Several major con-clusions … Continue reading

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