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Advances in Anthropology

Mountains and Stones in Prehistory of Humanity (Explanation of Wide Spread of Great Goddess Heart-Like Images Worldwide since the Stone Age)

-+*Author(s): Elena A. Mironova ABSTRACT This report is aimed to demonstrate unification of heart-like images of an anthropomorphic face (presumably, the reflection of Great Goddess), noticed by us, on the ancient petroglyphs, stones and mountains as well as on the … Continue reading

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In Response to a Recent Question about Advances in Anthropology (AA)

-+*Some of you may have noticed the blog post published on 2014-10-02 by Jeffrey Beall who is campaigning against Open Access and as such also against SCIRP as one of the largest Open Access journal publishers. Beall’s campaign is criticized for … Continue reading

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Re-Examining the “Out of Africa” Theory and the Origin of Europeoids (Caucasoids) in Light of DNA Genealogy

-+*Seven thousand five hundred fifty-six (7556) haplotypes of 46 subclades in 17 major haplogroups were considered in terms of their base (ancestral) haplotypes and timespans to their common ancestors, for the purposes of designing of time-balanced haplogroup tree. It was … Continue reading

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A DNA Genealogy Solution to the Puzzle of Ancient Look-Alike Ceramics across the World

-+*A puzzling similarity has been observed in some of the ceramics and figurines in several cultures in Eastern Europe (the Trypillia-Cucuteni culture, 6500 – 5500 years before present [ybp]), Thailand (the Ban-Chiang culture, between 7400 and 3800 ybp), China (the … Continue reading

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A Long Journey of the Aryans to China and Thailand, and maybe America, Millennia Ago

-+*A striking similarity was found in the ancient ceramics and figurines across a number of archaeological Neolithic cultures between Eastern Europe, China and Thailand, and – mind boggling – North America. The ceramics in those four cultures (the Trypilla-Cucuteni in … Continue reading

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