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Implementation of Hybrid Genetic Algorithm for CLSC Network Design Problem—A Case Study on Fashion Leather Goods Industry

Author(s): Muthusamy Aravendan, Ramasamy Panneerselvam ABSTRACT The implementation of closed loop supply chain system is becoming essential for fashion leather products industry to ensure an economically sustainable business model and eco-friendly industrial practice as demanded by the environmental regulations, consumer … Continue reading

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A Comprehensive Evaluation of Eye Surgery Performance by Sigma Quality Level for Eye Care Hospitals in Turkey

Author(s): İbrahim Şahbaz, Mehmet Tolga Taner, Gamze Kağan, Engin Erbaş ABSTRACT Sigma Quality Levels are statistical indices that can play an important role in establishment of more reliable and robust surgical processes. This article aims to highlight the value of … Continue reading

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Statistical Data Analyses on Aircraft Accidents in Japan: Occurrences, Causes and Countermeasures

Author(s):Kunimitsu Iwadare, Tatsuo Oyama ABSTRACT We investigate the major characteristics of the occurrences, causes of and counter measures for aircraft accidents in Japan. We apply statistical data analysis and mathematical modeling techniques to determine the relations among economic growth, aviation … Continue reading

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