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Open Question: Could a Causal Discontinuity Explain Fluctuations in the CMBR Radiation Spectrum?

Author(s): Andrew Walcott Beckwith ABSTRACT Could a causal discontinuity lead to an explanation of fluctuations in the CMBR radiation spectrum? Is this argument valid if there is some third choice of set structure (for instance do self-referential sets fall into … Continue reading

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Gravitational Telescope

Author(s): Alexander V. Lukanenkov ABSTRACT It’s proposed to use a global seismic antenna (GSA) as a gravitational telescope, arbitrary “quiet” seismic stations are its elements, and aperture of GSA must be of the order 10,000 km. The relative displacements of … Continue reading

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Signature of Gravitational Waves in Stellar Spectroscopy

Author(s): Shahen Hacyan ABSTRACT The possible detection of gravitational waves by interferometric observations of distant light sources is studied. It is shown that a gravitational wave affects the interferometric pattern of stellar light in a particular way. Michelson and Hanbury … Continue reading

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Alignment of Quasar Polarizations on Large Scales Explained by Warped Cosmic Strings

Author(s): Reinoud Jan Slagter ABSTRACT The recently discovered alignment of quasar polarizations on very large scales could possibly be explained by considering cosmic strings on a warped five dimensional spacetime. Compact objects, such as cosmic strings, could have tremendous mass … Continue reading

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Why Geometry Radiates: Quantum Gravity as Perspective

Author(s): Rob Langley ABSTRACT It is reasonably expected 1) that a theory of quantum gravity will unify the extremes of scale currently described by General Relativity and quantum mechanics, and 2) that black holes are the crucible from which a … Continue reading

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Advanced Hierarchical Fuzzy Classification Model Adopting Symbiosis Based DNA-ABC Optimization Algorithm

Author(s): Ting-Cheng Feng, Tzuu-Hseng S. Li ABSTRACT This paper offers a symbiosis based hybrid modified DNA-ABC optimization algorithm which combines modified DNA concepts and artificial bee colony (ABC) algorithm to aid hierarchical fuzzy classification. According to literature, the ABC algorithm … Continue reading

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Non-Recursive Relations Structure-Functionality

Author(s): Maria K. Koleva ABSTRACT Non-recursive relations structure-functionality is an exclusive property of the recently introduced concept of boundedness. They provide a leading role of the hierarchy of the functional organization in the evolution of each and every complex system. … Continue reading

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Quantum Interference without Wave-Particle Duality

Author(s):Román Castañeda, Giorgio Matteucci, Raffaella Capelli ABSTRACT Interference of light and material particles is described with a unified model which does not need to assume the wave-particle duality. A moving particle is associated with a region of spatial correlated points … Continue reading

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Application of High-Frequency Gravitational Waves to the Cataclysmic Event of Our First Encounter with Intelligent Extraterrestrial Beings

Author(s): Robert M. L. Baker, Bonnie Sue Baker ABSTRACT Three advances are proposed as a pathway to the cataclysmic event of our first encounter with intelligent extraterrestrial beings. First, discovery of very large numbers of extraterrestrial planets, “exoplanets” (possibly as … Continue reading

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On a Simpler, Much More General and Truly Marvellous Proof of Fermat’s Last Theorem (I)

Author(s): Golden Gadzirayi Nyambuya ABSTRACT English mathematics Professor, Sir Andrew John Wiles of the University of Cambridge finally and conclusively proved in 1995 Fermat’s Last Theorem which had for 358 years notoriously resisted all gallant and spirited efforts to prove … Continue reading

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