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An Optimal Control Approach to HIV Immunology

Author(s):Edilson F. Arruda, Claudia M. Dias, Camila V. de Magalhães, Dayse H. Pastore, Roberto C. A. Thomé, Hyun Mo Yang ABSTRACT This paper introduces a mathematical model which describes the dynamics of the spread of HIV in the human body. … Continue reading

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A Study on the Mode Shape Piezoelectric Motor

Author(s): Jwo Ming Jou ABSTRACT In this paper, we try to use the coating of effective electrode surface and change the direction of polarization to design the mode shape piezoelectric motors of the first three modes. We also com-pare the … Continue reading

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Statistical Data Analyses on Aircraft Accidents in Japan: Occurrences, Causes and Countermeasures

Author(s):Kunimitsu Iwadare, Tatsuo Oyama ABSTRACT We investigate the major characteristics of the occurrences, causes of and counter measures for aircraft accidents in Japan. We apply statistical data analysis and mathematical modeling techniques to determine the relations among economic growth, aviation … Continue reading

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Viewing the Future of Nuclear Power Plants Following the 2011 Disaster in Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant

Author(s): Shervin Goudarzi, Fatemeh Dadgarnejad, Hojat Babaee ABSTRACT Concerning the increasing global energy demand, the current paper considers nuclear energy as a solution. Within this context, the 2011 disaster in Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant and, particularly, the technical disorders in … Continue reading

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Preliminary Results of Solar Flare Induced D-Region Perturbations over UKM Using Stanford AWESOME Receiver

Author(s): Mohd Masri Abd Rashid, Mahamod Ismail, Zamri Zainal Abidin ABSTRACT We present the preliminary results of VLF signal perturbations produced due to solar flare. The data were recorded by the Stanford VLF AWESOME receiver located at National University of … Continue reading

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SCIRP’s Journal Ranking (January 2015)

SCIRP’s Journal Ranking comprises the compilation and sorting of all results gathered from the pages called “Journal Metrics / Impact Factor” of each journal. The page can be reached by clicking “Google-based Impact Factor” on the journal home page (Figure … Continue reading

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Estimation of Population Ratio in Post-Stratified Sampling Using Variable Transformation

Author(s):Aloy Chijioke Onyeka, Chinyeaka Hostensia Izunobi, Iheanyi Sylvester Iwueze ABSTRACT Extending the work carried out by [1], this paper proposes six combined-type estimators of population ratio of two variables in post-stratified sampling scheme, using variable transformation. Properties of the proposed … Continue reading

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Reply to “Comments on ‘There Is No Axiomatic System for the Quantum Theory’”

Author(s):Koji Nagata ABSTRACT Barros discusses that [Jose Acacio de Barros, Int. J. Theor. Phys. 50, 1828 (2011)] Nagata derives inconsistencies from quantum mechanics [K. Nagata, Int. J. Theor. Phys. 48, 3532 (2009)]. Barros considers that the inconsistencies do not come … Continue reading

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Performance of Suboptimal Controllers for Affine-Quadratic Problems

Author(s): Ankita Sharma, A. J. Shaiju ABSTRACT In this article, affine-quadratic control problems are studied. Error bounds are derived for the difference between the performance indices corresponding to the optimal and a class of suboptimal controls. In particular, it is … Continue reading

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The Formation Mechanism of Spiral Galaxy is not a Mystery

                  On a splendid star night, when you look at the sky, facing bling bling stars, you will remember many ancient myths. The modern scientific discovery proves that the Earth where we … Continue reading

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