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The boundary of universe is unlimited, without any need of the hypothesis that the universe starts off with the big bang

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Author(s) :Ping’an Luo From the hypotheses compatible with microphysics theory, this paper establishes a new theoretical model of static universal gravitation and deduces new formula of the theory of universal gravitation. In a first order approximation, the new formula shows the … Continue reading

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Radiation Field Preference for Radiographic Anatomical Markers by Radiographers in a University Teaching Hospital in Nigeria

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Author(s) :Thomas Adejoh, Sobechukwu Warric Iwene Onwuzu, Flavious Bobuin Nkubli, Nwamaka Ikegwuonu ABSTRACT Objective: The work aims to determine the radiographers’ preference between primary and secondary radiation fields for imprinting anatomical markers on radiographs. Methodology: Processed radiographs from the darkroom with … Continue reading

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Solvability of the Economic Input-Output Equation by Time Irreversibility

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Author:Shinji Miura ABSTRACT This paper reinterprets the economic input-output equation as a description of a realized situation without considering decision making. This paper uses the equation that the self-sufficiency rate is added to the Leontief type, and discusses its solvability. … Continue reading

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Partial Frequencies and Chladni’s Law in Church Bells

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Author(s) :William A. Hibbert, David B. Sharp, Shahram Taherzadeh, Robert Perrin   The rim partials of a church bell (those with an antinode at the soundbow) generate the strike pitch or perceived note of the bell. The spacing in frequency of the higher rim … Continue reading

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Does Life Need Water or Can it be Generated by Other Fluids?

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Author: Piero Chiarelli Why the physics cannot coherently explain the biology and life and the spontaneous emergence of order? The missing bridge between the physics and life disciplines constitutes one of the greatest problems of nowadays science. The situation is similar … Continue reading

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