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New Approach to Density Estimation and Application to Value-at-Risk

Author(s): Kian-Guan Lim, Hao Cheng, Nelson KL Yap ABSTRACT The key contribution in this paper is to provide a new approach in estimating the physical distribution of the underlying asset return by using a quadratic Radon-Nikodym derivati​​ve function. The latter … Continue reading

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Theory of a Mach Effect Thruster II

Author(s): Heidi Fearn1, Nolan van Rossum, Keith Wanser, James F. Woodward ABSTRACT According to Einstein, General Relativity contains the essence of Mach’s ideas. Mach’s principle can be summarized by stating that the inertia of a body is determined by the … Continue reading

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The Theory of Everything as the Reversibility Theory

Author(s): Ding-Yu Chung ABSTRACT In the posited reversibility theory, 1) all physical laws and phenomena are permanently reversible, 2) all physical laws are derived from the reversible M-theory (extension of string theory) in the reversible multiverse, and 3) temporary irreversible … Continue reading

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Possible Duplicities of Five Asteroids

Author(s): Isao Satō, Hiromi Hamanowa, Hiroyuki Tomioka, Sadaharu Uehara ABSTRACT Some evidences of possible duplicities of five asteroids are presented. A satellite of (279) Thule was convincingly detected by a stellar occultation on 2008 April 3 by Thule and also … Continue reading

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The Energy Conservation Paradox of Quantum Physics

Author(s): V. E. Shapiro ABSTRACT This work asserts that quantum theory runs into a fundamental conflict with the principles of energy conservation inferred from the statistical evolution of interacting systems. The gist is the energy of systems by the principles … Continue reading

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Monetary Budget Constraint and Its Missing Problems

Author(s): Shinji Miura ABSTRACT This paper aims to inquire into an objectively authentic budget constraint in a monetary economy through showing two missing problems of the monetary budget constraint and their solutions. To start with, we show the first missing … Continue reading

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On the Preponderance of Matter over Antimatter

Author(s): Golden Gadzirayi Nyambuya ABSTRACT Quantum electrodynamics (QED) is built on the original Dirac equation, an equation that exhibits perfect symmetry in that it is symmetric under charge conjugation (C), space (P) and time (T) reversal and any combination of … Continue reading

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A New Analytical Study of Modified Camassa-Holm and Degasperis-Procesi Equations

Author(s): Majeed A. Yousif, Bewar A. Mahmood, Fadhil H. Easif ABSTRACT In this letter, variational homotopy perturbation method (VHPM) has been studied to obtain solitary wave solutions of modified Camassa-Holm and Degasperis-Procesi equations. The results show that the VHPM is … Continue reading

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