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Approximate Solutions for a Class of Fractional-Order Model of HIV Infection via Linear Programming Problem

Author(s): Samaneh Soradi Zeid, Mostafa Yousefi, Ali Vahidian Kamyad ABSTRACT In this paper, we provide a new approach to solve approximately a system of fractional differential equations (FDEs). We extend this approach for approximately solving a fractional-order differential equation model … Continue reading

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On the Charges and Currents in the Quantum Field Theory

Author(s): Daniel Sepunaru ABSTRACT This paper is concerned with the determination of currents and charges in hypercomplex extensions of the Feynman-Dyson derivation of the Maxwell-Faraday equations. We analyze the appearance of charges and currents in non-Abelian versions of that approach: … Continue reading

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Spatial Effect Research on Educational Output and Economic Growth in China

Author(s): Wuyuan Sun, Jiayun Ma ABSTRACT This thesis is to study spatial effect of education output on economic growth through the use of spatial measurement technique. According to the study: there’s the presence of spatial spillover effects in human capital, … Continue reading

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Open Question: Could a Causal Discontinuity Explain Fluctuations in the CMBR Radiation Spectrum?

Author(s): Andrew Walcott Beckwith ABSTRACT Could a causal discontinuity lead to an explanation of fluctuations in the CMBR radiation spectrum? Is this argument valid if there is some third choice of set structure (for instance do self-referential sets fall into … Continue reading

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Gravitational Telescope

Author(s): Alexander V. Lukanenkov ABSTRACT It’s proposed to use a global seismic antenna (GSA) as a gravitational telescope, arbitrary “quiet” seismic stations are its elements, and aperture of GSA must be of the order 10,000 km. The relative displacements of … Continue reading

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Signature of Gravitational Waves in Stellar Spectroscopy

Author(s): Shahen Hacyan ABSTRACT The possible detection of gravitational waves by interferometric observations of distant light sources is studied. It is shown that a gravitational wave affects the interferometric pattern of stellar light in a particular way. Michelson and Hanbury … Continue reading

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Alignment of Quasar Polarizations on Large Scales Explained by Warped Cosmic Strings

Author(s): Reinoud Jan Slagter ABSTRACT The recently discovered alignment of quasar polarizations on very large scales could possibly be explained by considering cosmic strings on a warped five dimensional spacetime. Compact objects, such as cosmic strings, could have tremendous mass … Continue reading

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Why Geometry Radiates: Quantum Gravity as Perspective

Author(s): Rob Langley ABSTRACT It is reasonably expected 1) that a theory of quantum gravity will unify the extremes of scale currently described by General Relativity and quantum mechanics, and 2) that black holes are the crucible from which a … Continue reading

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Advanced Hierarchical Fuzzy Classification Model Adopting Symbiosis Based DNA-ABC Optimization Algorithm

Author(s): Ting-Cheng Feng, Tzuu-Hseng S. Li ABSTRACT This paper offers a symbiosis based hybrid modified DNA-ABC optimization algorithm which combines modified DNA concepts and artificial bee colony (ABC) algorithm to aid hierarchical fuzzy classification. According to literature, the ABC algorithm … Continue reading

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Non-Recursive Relations Structure-Functionality

Author(s): Maria K. Koleva ABSTRACT Non-recursive relations structure-functionality is an exclusive property of the recently introduced concept of boundedness. They provide a leading role of the hierarchy of the functional organization in the evolution of each and every complex system. … Continue reading

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