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Open Journal of Stomatology

Histopathological Examination and Literature Review of Orthokeratinized Odontogenic Cyst

Authors: Hirotoshi Iwai, Takehiro Suzuki, Tomoko Suzuki, Juri Muramori, Hiroyuki Seto, Mitsuko Nakayama, Tadahiko Utsunomiya, Masaaki Suemitsu, Kayo Kuyama, Satoshi Hirayama ABSTRACT Background: With transitions in the disease concept of orthokeratinized odontogenic cyst (OOC), the pathogenesis and etiology have not … Continue reading

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A Comparative Assessment of the Surface Roughness of Thermoplastic Denture Base Resins Following Adjustment and Re-Polishing

Authors: Shivaughn M. Marchan, Anna Kay Bishop, William A. J. Smith, Paul Seerattan, David Hinds ABSTRACT Purpose: This study assessed the roughness of two injection-molded, thermoplastic materials used for denture bases compared with a polyamide material and compression molded Polymethylmethacrylate … Continue reading

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Extraction Timing of Heavily Destructed Upper First Permanent Molars

The first permanent molar as the first permanent tooth in the mouth and with a general insufficient oral hygiene of the children, is commonly subject to significant compromise which may arise due to caries or endodontic complication, or from developmental … Continue reading

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