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Open Journal of Orthopedics

Spontaneous Heparin-Induced Thrombocytopenia Following Orthopaedic Surgery: Case Report and Review of the Literature

Authors: Malcolm R. DeBaun, Michael A. Spinner, Michael D. Genualdi, Caroline Berube, Derek F. Amanatullah ABSTRACT Background: Spontaneous heparin induced thrombocytopenia (HIT) is a medical phenomenon whereby patients develop clinical and laboratory features of HIT without prior exposure to heparin. … Continue reading

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Survival Rates Following Skeletal Metastases―A Twenty-Year Analysis

Author(s) : Mohannad B. Ammori, Sunil Panchani, Jonathan J. Gregory, James Wylie, Ashok Pau Introduction Skeletal metastases are often indicative of an advanced stage of cancer and generally reflect a poor prognosis. Information available regarding the survival following the diagnosis … Continue reading

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Phantom Fighters: Coping Mechanisms of Amputee Patients with Phantom Limb Pain – A Longitudinal Study

Phantom Limb Pain (PLP) is a phenomenon commonly observed in patients who underwent limb amputation. It is a sensation of pain in the anatomical location of the absent limb, which the patient feels is frozen in a specific position. In … Continue reading

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PFC Sigma Cobalt-Chrome Total Knee Replacement: Early Outcomes Demonstrate No Significant Early Failures at the Three-Year Mark

PDF (Size:178KB) PP. 1-6   DOI: 10.4236/ojo.2014.41001 Author(s) Alexander M. Wood, Luke Ilwain, Calum H. Arthur, Stuart A. Aitken, Andre C. M. Keenan, Phil Walmsley, Ivan Brenkel ABSTRACT The PFC Sigma Cobalt Chrome Sigma (PFCSCC) was introduced in 2006, and represents further development of the … Continue reading

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