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Open Journal of Depression

Connection between the Linoleic Acid and Psychopathology: A Symmetry-Breaking Phenomenon in the Brain?

Author(s): Massimo Cocchi, Chiara Minuto, Lucio Tonello, Jack A. Tuszynski ABSTRACT In this paper we discuss the role of the fatty acid composition of brain cells and in platelets in the emergence of psychiatric disorders such as major depression and … Continue reading

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Not all doom and gloom: Internet use and depression

Author(s) :Einar B. Thorsteinsson The good and bad of Internet use such as its effects on depression need to be examined over a period of time. Does the use of social media on the Internet affect depression over time and then … Continue reading

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Bipolar Disorder and Major Depression: A Quantitative, Biochemical Diagnosis is Possible!

Author: Massimo Cocchi Although there are evidences of a continuing effort by the international psychiatric community to refine the diagnosis of mood disorders, to date, the traditional diagnostic criteria are not enough sensitive in identifying patients with bipolar disorder (BD) from … Continue reading

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