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Journal of Cosmetics, Dermatological Sciences and Applications

Preparation of Microcapsules Containing Triple Core Materials with Interfacial Condensation Reaction

Author(s) :Yoshinari Taguchi, Mikihiko Aoki, Masato Tanaka ABSTRACT In this manuscript, we describe the novel method for preparing the microcapsules containing α-tocopherol oil droplets as the first core material, calcium chloride powder as the second core material and the fine water … Continue reading

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Do Cultural Factors Affect the Perception of Sensitive Skin?

More than 50% of consumers in the Western world (USA and Europe) self-diagnose themselves as having “sensitive skin” and report unpleasant dermatological sensations to common exposures like weather or health and beauty products.  Cultural and geographical factors seem to play … Continue reading

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Patient Safety: Injectable Education

In Arnold W. Klein research review, published in Journal of Cosmetics, Dermatological Sciences and Applications 2013  Vol.3 No.3B by Scientific Research Publishing. Arnold W. Klein, MD Professor of Medicine and Dermatology UCLA Klein Chair in Dermatology UCLA Consultant to the General and Plastic … Continue reading

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