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Patient-Reported Fatigue Is Associated with Poor Energy Intake and Readmission to Hospital

Authors: Jette Lindegaard Pedersen, Preben Ulrich Pederen, Else Marie Damsgaard ABSTRACT Objective: To investigate patient-reported factors those promote or inhibit food intake in older people after discharge from hospital. Background: Disease-related malnutrition leads to poor appetite, decreased food intake and … Continue reading

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Approaches on the Major Predictors of Blood Transfusion in Cardiovascular Surgery: A Systematic Review

Authors: Maria Christiane Valéria Braga Braile-Sternieri, Eliana Migliorini Mustafa, Victor Rodrigues Ribeiro Ferreira, Sofia Braile Sabino, Cibele Olegário Vianna Queiroz, Bethina Canaroli Sbardellini, Giovanni Braile Sternieri, Lúcia Angélica Buffulin de Faria, Idiberto José Zotarelli Filho, Domingo Marcolino Braile ABSTRACT Introduction: … Continue reading

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Childhood Hearing Impairment, Gender, and Trait Neuroticism as Independent Predictors of the Occurrence of Hearing Problems in Adulthood

30Authors: Helen Cheng, Adrian Furnham ABSTRACT This study explored psychological, biomedical, and social factors in childhood and adulthood associated with the occurrence of self-reported hearing problems in adulthood. In total, 4828 participants with complete data on parental social class at … Continue reading

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