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Advances in Infectious Diseases

Outpatient Urinary-Tract-Infection-Like Symptoms: Causative Microbial Survey Utilizing Multiplex Quantitative Polymerase Chain Reaction Methodology

Authors: Vijay Singh, Carrie Wilks, Jairus Reddy, John Granger ABSTRACT Urinary tract infections (UTIs) are among the most common maladies afflicting the human population globally. A wide variety of microbial pathogens are responsible for causing UTIs that are often recurrent, … Continue reading

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New Osteological Data on Malaria in Sardinia from Antiquity to the Modern Era

Authors: Eugenia Tognotti, Andrea Montella, Peter J. Brown, Pasquale Bandiera ABSTRACT Malaria has been an important disease throughout the history, particularly in the Mediterranean. The island of Sardinia (Italy) was characterized by severe endemic malaria from antiquity until its eradication … Continue reading

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Investigation and Analysis on Pathogen Distribution of HIV/AIDS Patients with Opportunistic Infection

Author(s): Lida Mo, Guosheng Su, Jiang Lan, Fengyao Wu, Xiaolu Luo, Hanzhen Su ABSTRACT Objective: This study aims to understand the distribution of pathogenic bacteria in the region of HIV/AIDS patients with opportunistic infection. Methods: To count the number of … Continue reading

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First Evidence of Hantavirus in Central Iran as an Emerging Viral Disease

Author(s):Sadegh Chinikar, Abbas Ali Javadi, Arash Hajiannia, Behroz Ataei, Tahmineh Jalali, Sahar Khakifirouz, Norbert Nowotny, Jonas Schmidt-Chanasit ABSTRACT Hantavirus is a zoonosis transmitted from rodents to humans. Asymptomatic infected rodents can secrete hantaviruses in the urine, feces, and saliva. The … Continue reading

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Development of New Strategy for Non-Antibiotic Therapy: Bovine Lactoferrin Has a Potent Antimicrobial and Immunomodulator Effects

ABSTRACT The antibiotic therapy has many problems, such as antibiotics resistance, hypersensitivity, direct toxicity, antibioticinduced immunosuppresion and super-infections. This is highlighting the need for a new strategy for non-antibiotic therapy through the use of novel immunomodulators as naturally released ones … Continue reading

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