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Advances in Infectious Diseases

First Evidence of Hantavirus in Central Iran as an Emerging Viral Disease

-+*Author(s):Sadegh Chinikar, Abbas Ali Javadi, Arash Hajiannia, Behroz Ataei, Tahmineh Jalali, Sahar Khakifirouz, Norbert Nowotny, Jonas Schmidt-Chanasit ABSTRACT Hantavirus is a zoonosis transmitted from rodents to humans. Asymptomatic infected rodents can secrete hantaviruses in the urine, feces, and saliva. The … Continue reading

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Development of New Strategy for Non-Antibiotic Therapy: Bovine Lactoferrin Has a Potent Antimicrobial and Immunomodulator Effects

-+*ABSTRACT The antibiotic therapy has many problems, such as antibiotics resistance, hypersensitivity, direct toxicity, antibioticinduced immunosuppresion and super-infections. This is highlighting the need for a new strategy for non-antibiotic therapy through the use of novel immunomodulators as naturally released ones … Continue reading

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Can Curing Infections be as Easy as Sipping Milk

-+*Milk is the new antibiotic My drawing idea: To Mr. Alexander Fleming, Mr. Moo beat you to a new penicillin. Currently, many problems are associated with the over-use of antibiotics for the treatment and prevention of infectious diseases. We use … Continue reading

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Scary Findings: HIV Can Lead to Cervical Cancer

-+*In a recent research study done by Hyppolite K. Tchidjou,at University Department of Pediatrics at Bambino Gesu Children’s hospital in Rome, published in the journal ‘Advances in Infectious Diseases’ 2013 vol. 3 by Scientific Research Publishing. They have revealed that … Continue reading

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