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Transcatheter Technologies in Treating Brain Atherosclerosis Complicated by Chronic Cerebrovascular Insufficiency

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Author:Ivan V. Maksimovich ABSTRACT The research investigates the possibility of restoring the blood supply in patients with atherosclerosis of the brain, as well as the treatment of chronic cerebrovascular insufficiency. The research involves 946 patients aged 29 – 81 (average … Continue reading

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Author:Lee Seng Khoo Philosopher, martial artist and renaissance man – Bruce Lee continues to influence generations after his passing. Although better known for kung fu flicks that captivated audience and motivated young men to take up martial arts around the … Continue reading

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New report asks why Canadian jurisdictions under fund mental health despite significant social and economic costs

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Author: Steve Lurie (Monday, August 18, 2014) – In spite of ongoing concerns about the staggering social and economic costs of mental illness, funding in Canada and Ontario pales in comparison to other global jurisdictions, according to a new report authored … Continue reading

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The Ionic Composition of Nasal Fluid and Its Function

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Author: William Burke The aim of the experiments reported here was to increase our understanding of the function of the nasal fluid. It is generally accepted that the nasal fluid assists in the humidification of the inspired air. It also assists … Continue reading

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Rationale for Treatment of Common Cold and Flu with Multi-Ingredient Combination Products for Multi-Symptom Relief in Adults

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Author(s) : Ron Eccles, Ingo Fietze, Uwe-Bernd Rose This up-to-date overview will look at the rationale for the recommendation of combination products for multi-symptom relief of common cold and flu. Common cold and flu are defined by their multi-symptom nature with data showing a … Continue reading

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Amateur Sports of the Elderly: A Chance for Health and a Higher Quality of Life

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Author(s): Paweł F. Nowak ABSTRACT A significant increase in sports-leisure activity events in recent years presents the opportunity to compete in all age categories. Among the many sport varieties, special attention ought to be paid to amateur sports—recreational sports, particularly in … Continue reading

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Sex Difference in Lactate Production by Adipocytes from Lean Humans

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Author:Dora Maria Grassi-Kassisse  The obesity is the focus of very important scientific researches due to high incidences of this disease in our society. Understanding the metabolism of adipocytes can help in comprehension of this disease. In this work Sex Difference in … Continue reading

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Antibiotics/antibacterial drug use, their marketing and promotion during the post-antibiotic golden age and their role in emergence of bacterial resistance

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Author:Godfrey S. Bbosa Why are common bacterial infections that were sensitive to antibiotics/antibacterial agents during the antibiotic golden age have developed resistance in the post-antibiotic golden age and hence causing global public health challenge? Golden antibiotic age (1940s -1990s) is … Continue reading

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Investigating the Relationship between Sleep Quality and Mental Health in Chemical Veterans in Comparison with Their Spouses and a Control Group

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Author: Seyed Hamzeh Hosseini We studied  the relationship between sleep quality and mental health of veterans in comparison with that of their spouses and a control group. A considerable number of chemical veterans suffer from a range of physical and mental … Continue reading

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