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Psychophysiological Effects of Zembrin®Using Quantitative EEG Source Density in Combination with Eye-Tracking in 60 Healthy Subjects. A Double-Blind, Randomized, Placebo-Controlled, 3-Armed Study with Parallel Design

Author(s): Wilfried Dimpfel1, Nigel Gericke2, Samir Suliman3, Gwladys N. Chiegoua Dipah3   ABSTRACT The endemic South African succulent plant Sceletium tortuosum (L.) N.E. Br., family Mesembryathemaceae, is known as kanna in Nama, kougoed in Afrikaans, and sceletium in English. The … Continue reading

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Evaluation of Circulating Fatty Acid Synthase as a Biomarker in Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease

Author(s): Aida Abdeen Mahmoud, Asmaa N. Mohammad, Mohamed Abdel Wahab Ezat ABSTRACT Background: The liver is the corner stone in lipid metabolism, free fatty acid uptake, synthesizing, storing and exporting lipids; non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD) develops if there is … Continue reading

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Care Technologies in Nursing for People with Colorectal Neoplasia: Integrative Review

Author(s): Aryele Rayana Antunes de Araújo, Alexsandra Rodrigues Feijão, Lays Pinheiro de Medeiros, Mayra Beatriz Costa Medeiros, Annanda Luyza Carias Maia, Ana Luiza Brandão de Carvalho Lira, Isabelle Katherinne Fernandes Costa Assunção ABSTRACT Objective: Identifying in the literature the care … Continue reading

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Quantitative Assessment of Protective Effects of Antioxidant Agents against Drug-Induced Nephrotoxicity Using Dynamic Contrast-Enhanced Computed Tomography

Author(s): Kenya Murase, Akihiro Kitamura, Atsushi Tachibana, Yoshinori Kusakabe, Risa Matsuura, Shohei Miyazaki ABSTRACT Purpose: The purpose of this study was to develop a method for quantifying the extent of renal dysfunction due to drug-induced nephrotoxicity using dynamic contrast-enhanced computed … Continue reading

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Permitted Visits to the ICU or Not—Children and Parents’ Experiences

Author(s): Thi Huong Mai, Thi Hoa Duong, Anna-Lena Hellström ABSTRACT Introduction: Children need intensive care in the first days after open-heart surgery. In some hospitals visits to Intensive Care Units (ICU), are not allowed, even by parents. Aim: The study … Continue reading

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Peer Pressure and Family Smoking Habits Influence Smoking Uptake in Teenage Boys Attending School: Multilevel Modeling of Survey Data

Author(s): Shafquat Rozi, Sadia Mahmud, Gillian Lancaster, Nida Zahid ABSTRACT Introduction: Among young teens, about one in five smokes worldwide. Adolescents spend a considerable amount of their time in school, and the school environment is therefore important for child health … Continue reading

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Mobile Phone Usage and the Risk of Brain Tumors

Author(s): Naina Sawal, Amir Hossein Mortazavi Entesab ABSTRACT Purpose: This literature review investigated the possible association between the use of mobile phones and brain tumors. Methods: In brief, 11 publications were retrieved from JSTOR, PubMed, Google Scholar and Summon in … Continue reading

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A Derived Exposure Chart for Computed Radiography in a Negroid Population

Author(s): Thomas Adejoh, Odira C. Ewuzie, Joshua K. Ogbonna, Stanley O. Nwefuru, Nnamdi C. Onuegbu ABSTRACT Background: Computed radiography has a wider exposure latitude when compared with film-screen imaging system. Consequently, the risk of dose creep is high. A conscientious … Continue reading

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Did the Medical Policy Reduce the Long Hospital Stay in Japan?

Author(s):Kazumitsu Nawata, Koichi Kawabuchi ABSTRACT In this paper, we conducted a long term survey of the cataract surgeries. The sample period was about 7 years, from July 2005 to March 2012. We evaluated the effects of three revisions of the … Continue reading

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