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Measurement of Blood Loss during Adenotonsillectomy in Children and Factors Affecting It

-+*Author(s):D. Manikandan, F. Musarrat, A. P. Preetham, R. Anjali ABSTRACT This prospective study was done at the Southern Railway Headquarters Hospital, Ayanavaram, Chennai to measure the intraoperative blood loss during adenotonsillectomy and to assess the factors affecting it. Since blood … Continue reading

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SCIRP’s Journal Ranking (January 2015)

-+*SCIRP’s Journal Ranking comprises the compilation and sorting of all results gathered from the pages called “Journal Metrics / Impact Factor” of each journal. The page can be reached by clicking “Google-based Impact Factor” on the journal home page (Figure … Continue reading

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Response to Accusations Related to a Controversial Article and Editorial Board Activities

-+*This is SCIRP’s response to a blog post published on 2015-04-23 by Jeffrey Beall who is campaigning against Open Access and as such also against SCIRP as one of the largest Open Access journal publishers. Beall’s campaign is criticized for … Continue reading

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The “Colour Family Drawing Test”: Assessing Children’s Perception of Family Relationships. Studies on Mental Health and Cross-Cultural Comparisons

-+*Author(s): Valeria Biasi1, Paolo Bonaiuto, James M. Levin ABSTRACT We apply the Colour Family Drawing Test, as a development of the traditional black and white test, for cross-cultural comparison. The participants, aged 7 – 10 years, both genders, were examined … Continue reading

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The Development of LISTEN: A Novel Intervention for Loneliness

-+*Author(s):Laurie A. Theeke, Jennifer A. Mallow ABSTRACT Purpose: The purpose of this paper is to present the development of LISTEN (Loneliness Intervention using Story Theory to Enhance Nursing-sensitive outcomes), a new intervention for loneliness. Methods: LISTEN was developed using the … Continue reading

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Cancers in Children Ages 8 to 12 Are Injury-Related

-+*Author(s): Kirsten H. Walen ABSTRACT Cancers in young children in early growing age was a short PBS (KQED) report (11/21/2014), but without informational source, which prompted a Google search. Sports-associated injuries with medical healing treatments concluded that there were no … Continue reading

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Transmittance Spectrum of Unbranded Sunglasses Using Spectrophotometer

-+*Author(s): Huseyin Gursoy, Hikmet Basmak, Hamza Esen, Ferhan Esen ABSTRACT Background: The sunglass standards are not strictly implemented in many countries except Aus-tralia. The purpose of the study was to evaluate the optical properties of unbranded sunglasses for light transmittance. … Continue reading

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Human Nail Clippings as a Source of DNA for Genetic Studies

-+*Author(s) :Le Truong, Hannah Lui Park, Seong Sil Chang, Argyrios Ziogas, Susan L. Neuhausen, Sophia S. Wang, Leslie Bernstein, Hoda Anton-Culver ABSTRACT Blood samples have traditionally been used as the main source of DNA for genetic analysis. How-ever, this source … Continue reading

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Propolis in Dogs: Clinical Experiences and Perspectives (A Brief Review)

-+*Author(s):Nelly Tovar Betancourt, Lucila García-Contreras, Tonatiuh Alejandro Cruz Sánchez ABSTRACT In light of the scarcity of novel therapeutic agents that are effective, the pharmaceutical industry has found a newer source of therapeutic compounds in natural products and herbal medicine to … Continue reading

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