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World Journal of Mechanics

Experimental Study of Clarification of Vortex Structure by Changing Disk Acceleration Time

Authors: Hiroyuki Furukawa, Akihiro Wada, Takashi Watanabe ABSTRACT Disks with two different dimensions were used to clarify the differences in final vortex structures generated by the change in disk acceleration time. The experiment results and calculated results of vortex structures … Continue reading

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Viscosity Transient Phenomenon during Drop Impact Testing and Its Simple Dynamics Model

Author(s): Chen Liu, Yoshikazu Tanaka, Yukio Fujimoto ABSTRACT Most soft materials behave as if they were hardened when subjected to an impact force. The strain rate dependence of viscosity resistance is the reason for this behavior. The authors carried out … Continue reading

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Did You Know that Over the Last 2000 Years in Statics No Scientific Discoveries Were Done?

Statics is a part of mechanics. Mechanics is a part of fundamental physics. Until recent times, the latest discovery was made in statics in the 3rd century BC by Archimedes, who discovered the “Law of Archimedes” for the force, acting … Continue reading

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