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World Journal of Mechanics

On the Orientation of Fractures with Transpressional and Transtensional Wrenches in Pre-Existing Faults

Author: Shuping Chen ABSTRACT The orientation of fractures with transpressional and transtensional wrenches in pre-existing faults has not been quantitatively determined. Based on Coulomb failure criterion and Byerlee’s frictional sliding criterion, this paper has indicated quantitative geometric relationships between the … Continue reading

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Investigation of the Fragmentation Process of Clods in a Rod Mill Developed for Research Use

Authors: Masayuki Oishi, Yoshihiro Kubota, Osamu Mochizuki ABSTRACT We developed a planetary-type rod mill that can improve the comminution working efficiency, prevent the generation of soil dust, and make it easy to clean the used jars. Clods are broken by … Continue reading

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