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Development of Risk Index of Uninterrupted Traffic Flow According to the Occurrence of Fog

Authors: Soullam Kim, Sung Han Lim ABSTRACT The driver’s visibility is degraded when weather conditions deteriorate, which affects the traffic flow and induces traffic congestion or accidents. In particular, traffic accidents can be led to chain reaction collisions, with high … Continue reading

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The Influence of Water-Jet Modification of Soil Conditions on Reduction of Vibrations during Sheet Pile Driving in the Subsoil

Authors: Artur Jaroń, Małgorzata Jastrzębska, Marian Łupieżowiec ABSTRACT Vibratory driving is the most efficient method of sheet pile installation. The elimination or at least reduction of harmful consequences of sheet pile vibratory driving becomes an increasingly important and often the … Continue reading

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Estimation of Passenger Car Equivalents for Basic Freeway Sections at Different Traffic Conditions

Author(s): Jalal Taqi Shaker Al-Obaedi ABSTRACT Passenger car equivalent (PCE) is an important factor which is used to convert traffic volumes containing proportions of heavy good vehicles (HGVs) to a unify measure containing only passenger cars units (PCU). This paper … Continue reading

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