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Turbulence Intensity Effects on a Leading-Edge Separation Bubble of Flat Plate Wing at Low-Reynolds Numbers

Authors: Katsuya Kajiwara, Masayuki Anyoji ABSTRACT In this study, we experimentally investigate the effects of mainstream turbulence intensity (Ti) on a leading-edge separation bubble under low-Reynolds number (Rec) conditions range of 2.0 × 104 to 6.0 × 104. We used … Continue reading

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Computational Investigation of the Causes of Wind Turbine Blade Damage at Japan’s Wind Farm in Complex Terrain

Author: Takanori Uchida ABSTRACT During the passage of Typhoon 0918 (Melor) over southern Honshu in Japan on 7 and 8 October 2009, strong winds with extremely high turbulence fluctuations were observed over Shirataki Mountain and the surrounding mountains in Shimonoseki, … Continue reading

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