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Energy and Power Engineering

Virtual Synchronous Generator Based Current Synchronous Detection Scheme for a Virtual Inertia Emulation in SmartGrids

Authors:Arvind Parwa, Martin Fregelius, Dalmo Cardosa Silva, Tatiana Potapenko, Johannes Hjalmarsson, James Kelly, Irina Temiz, Janaina Goncalves de Oliveira, Cecilia Boström, Mats Leijon ABSTRACT Renewable energy sources, such as photovoltaic wind turbines, and wave power converters, use power converters to … Continue reading

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Influence of Jatropha Fruit Maturity on Seed Oil Yield, Composition and Heat of Combustion of Derived Biodiesel

Authors: Mbako Jonas, Clever Ketlogetswe, Jerekias Gandure ABSTRACT Maturity of Jatropha fruits has influence on oil yield, chemical composition and physicochemical properties of derived biodiesel. Oil yield was determined using soxhlet extraction while biodiesel was prepared through the process of … Continue reading

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Modeling the Effect of Thermal Diffusion Process from Nuclear Power Plants in Vietnam

Authors: Tran H. Thai, Doan Q. Tri ABSTRACT In this study, we evaluate the ecological impact of effluent cooling water from the Ninh Thuan nuclear power plant II, using a two-dimensional hydraulic model to simulate thermal diffusion from the effluent … Continue reading

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Design of Smart Home System Based on ZigBee Technology and R&D for Application

Author(s): Lin Gao, Zhixin Wang, Jianlong Zhou, Chao Zhang ABSTRACT In this paper, a smart home system based on ZigBee technology is designed. The system includes home network, home server and mobile terminal. The program is highly scalable and cost-effective. … Continue reading

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