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Constant-Stress Accelerated Degradation Life Test of an Organic Light-Emitting Diode Display under Violet Light

Author(s): François-Xavier Fortier, Sylvain G. Cloutier ABSTRACT The lifetime of commercial OLED display devices increases, so does the need for an accelerated lifetime testing method. The present work proposes a simple and accurate blackbox testing approach for commercial PMOLED display … Continue reading

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Design of Smart Home System Based on ZigBee Technology and R&D for Application

Author(s): Lin Gao, Zhixin Wang, Jianlong Zhou, Chao Zhang ABSTRACT In this paper, a smart home system based on ZigBee technology is designed. The system includes home network, home server and mobile terminal. The program is highly scalable and cost-effective. … Continue reading

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Atomization of UMo Particles under Nitrogen Atmosphere

Author(s): Luis Olivares, Jaime Lisboa, Jorge Marin, Mario Barrera, Alberto Navarrete ABSTRACT Generally, the atomization of UMo particles is done under vacuum or argon atmosphere, and the surface modification of these UMo particles is, usually, carried on through a further … Continue reading

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A New ALS Based PMS Design and Its Evaluations

Author(s): Zhi Xu , Daoqing Jiang ABSTRACT Westinghouse company (WEC) had developed a Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) approved advanced logic system (ALS) platform based on field programmable gate array (FPGA) technology as the next generation 1E class platform for protection … Continue reading

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On the Maximum of Wind Power Efficiency

Author(s): Gerhard Kramm, Gary Sellhorst , Hannah K. Ross, John Cooney, Ralph Dlugi, Nicole Mölders ABSTRACT In our paper we demonstrate that the filtration equation used by Gorban’ et al. for determining the maximum efficiency of plane propellers of about … Continue reading

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Real-Time Detection of Unstable Control Loop Behavior in a Feedback Active Noise Cancellation System for In-Ear Headphones

Author(s): Sven Höber, Christian Pape, Eduard Reithmeier ABSTRACT Active noise controls are used in a wide field of applications to cancel out unwanted surrounding noise. Control systems based on the feedback structure however have the disadvantage that they may become … Continue reading

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The Myth of the High-Efficiency External-Combustion Stirling Engine

Author(s): Paul H. Riley ABSTRACT The reported discrepancy between theory and experiment for external combustion Stirling engines is explained by the addition of thermal resistance of the combustion gasses to the standard Carnot model. In these cases, the Stirling engine … Continue reading

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Generation of Electric Power from Domestic Cooking System

Author(s): Syed Ali Raza Shah, Zahoor Ahmed, Bashir Ahmed Leghari, Wazir Muhammad Laghari, Attaullah Khidrani ABSTRACT This study work related with floating of an idea about conversion of reclaimed thermal energy from domestic cooking system into the electrical power. There … Continue reading

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Test Standards for Direct Steam Generating Solar Concentrators

Author(s): Mahesh M. Rathore , Ravi M. Warkhedkar ABSTRACT There are a few standards reported in the literature for testing and evaluation of thermal performance of solar concentrators based on sensible heating of working fluid. The preceding standard measures only … Continue reading

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Influence of Chinese and Western Culture on Modern Church Architecture in Yan’an Area

Author(s): Li Wang, Yongjian Qu ABSTRACT Based on the historical records and field investigation, this paper aims at elaborating the architectural styles, interior space design and architectural landscape of modern church architecture in Yan’an, analyzing the influence of Chinese and … Continue reading

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