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Safety Impact of Average Speed Control in the UK

Author(s): Harry Lahrmann, Bo Brassøe, Jonas Wibert Johansen, Jens Christian Overgaard Madsen ABSTRACT There is considerable safety potential in ensuring that motorists respect the speed limits. High speeds increase the number and severity of accidents. Technological development over the last … Continue reading

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Impact of Wind Energy System Integration on the Al-Zawiya Refinery Electric Grid in Libya

Author(s): Akram Gawedar, R. Ramakumar ABSTRACT Libya is an oil exporting country located in the middle of the North Africa. Exporting oil is the major income resource for the economics of the country. Al-Zawea refinery is one of the oil … Continue reading

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Study on Strengthening of RC Slabs with Different Innovative Techniques

Author(s): Tarek Ali, Sameh Yehia ABSTRACT This paper presents a focused study on using different methods to enhance the ultimate capacity of flexural behavior in RC slabs. Four RC specimens were casted with common compressive strength and reinforced with steel … Continue reading

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The Analysis and Comparison of All Kinds of Buried Pipeline Model Based on Seismic Effect

Author(s): Xiaoli Li, Jing Sun, Tinghui Li ABSTRACT The problem of seismic response of buried pipeline aimed at the interaction of soil around the pipeline and the complicated calculation model was considered, and the various simplified finite element model was … Continue reading

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Energy Losses in Superconductors

Author(s): Charles Dean, Milind N. Kunchur ABSTRACT Absence of macroscopic resistance is the most essential trait of superconductors for their practical applications. Yet several mechanisms lead to dissipation in the superconducting state such as weak links, fluctuations, and the motion … Continue reading

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Topography Measurement for Monitoring Manufacturing Processes in Harsh Conditions

Author(s): Thomas Mueller, Andreas Poesch, Eduard Reithmeier ABSTRACT High precision manufacturing, e.g. milling and grinding, which have manufacturing tolerances in the range of <10 μm require microscopic measurement techniques for the inspection of the manufactured components. These measurement techniques are … Continue reading

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Drivers’ Reaction of Warning Messages in Work Zone Termination Areas with Left Turn

Author(s): Boya You, Fengxiang Qiao, Lei Yu ABSTRACT Work-zone crashes have always drawn public attention. A number of fatalities are recorded every year nationwide within work zone areas. Most existing countermeasures have been dedicated more to the advance warning areas, … Continue reading

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Estimation of Passenger Car Equivalents for Basic Freeway Sections at Different Traffic Conditions

Author(s): Jalal Taqi Shaker Al-Obaedi ABSTRACT Passenger car equivalent (PCE) is an important factor which is used to convert traffic volumes containing proportions of heavy good vehicles (HGVs) to a unify measure containing only passenger cars units (PCU). This paper … Continue reading

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Topology Optimization Design of Automotive Engine Bracket

Author(s): Po Wu, Qihua Ma, Yiping Luo, Chao Tao ABSTRACT According to the structural characteristics of the automobile engine bracket, the finite element model of the bracket is established. As the connecting part between the engine and the body, the … Continue reading

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