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Drastic Upgrade of the Most Popular Device on Earth

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Author(s) :Y. A. Tkachenko, J. P. Potekhina, M. V. Golovanova, R. A. Plokhov, I. E. Davydov, D. A. Golovachev Medical thermometer is present in every household. From the moment of its invention by Galileo Galilei in 1597, it did not change much. Electronic thermometer is safe … Continue reading

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Water Demand Management Can Help Jordan to Overcome its Water Shortage Crisis

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Author:Nadhir Al-Ansari Jordan is considered as one of the poorest countries in its water resources. About 93% of the total precipitation which amounts to 8.2 billion m3 is lost by evaporation. The country is estimated below the poverty line by … Continue reading

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Did You Know that Over the Last 2000 Years in Statics No Scientific Discoveries Were Done?

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Statics is a part of mechanics. Mechanics is a part of fundamental physics. Until recent times, the latest discovery was made in statics in the 3rd century BC by Archimedes, who discovered the “Law of Archimedes” for the force, acting … Continue reading

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