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A Review of Building Energy Efficiency Technology

Author(s): Ronglan Zhang ABSTRACT In China, there’s high energy consumption in buildings with less attention to building energy efficiency. All of these facts prove that there are great potentialities in energy conservation. On account of this, this paper introduces multiple … Continue reading

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Aerodynamic Brake for Formula Cars

Author(s): Roberto Capata, Leone Martellucci ABSTRACT In the last years, in formula racing cars championships, the aerodynamic had reached an ever more important stance as a performance parameter. In the last four seasons, Red Bull Racing Technical Officer had designed … Continue reading

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Enhancing Production Efficiency of Oil and Natural Gas Pipes Using Microwave Technology

Author(s): Wissam M. Alobaidi, Entidhar A. Alkuam, Eric Sandgren, Hussain M. Al-Rizzo ABSTRACT The research reported in this paper aims at developing means of Non Destructive testing (NDT) to increase the line efficiency of pipe production in oil and natural … Continue reading

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Petroleum Patent Used Such Monitoring Technological Like Innovation Process of Drilling Fluids with Xanthan Gum —World Panorama

Author(s):Marco Antonio Martins de Oliveira, Cheila Gonçalves Mothé, Leandra Guimarães de Oliveira ABSTRACT This paper aims to discuss the importance of patenting and publishing as an instrument of incentive to technological innovation in the petroleum chemistry area. The present study … Continue reading

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Estimation of Solar Energy Potential from Rooftop of Punjab Government Servants Cooperative Housing Society Lahore Using GIS

Author(s):Muhammad Luqman, Sajid Rashid Ahmad, Samiullah Khan, Usman Ahmad, Ahmad Raza, Farkhanda Akmal ABSTRACT Pakistan has a severe electricity load shading problem. Government is trying to find out all ways for electricity generation. Alternative energy board is working to find … Continue reading

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Experimental Study on Ice Slurry Refrigeration System with Pre-Cooling Heat Exchanger

Author(s): Xukai Yang, Shengchun Liu ABSTRACT In the present study, the ice slurry refrigeration system with pre-cooling heat exchanger (ISSH) is studied experimentally to achieve the system performance, ice crystal formation time and the temperature of ice crystal formation. The … Continue reading

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Viscosity Transient Phenomenon during Drop Impact Testing and Its Simple Dynamics Model

Author(s): Chen Liu, Yoshikazu Tanaka, Yukio Fujimoto ABSTRACT Most soft materials behave as if they were hardened when subjected to an impact force. The strain rate dependence of viscosity resistance is the reason for this behavior. The authors carried out … Continue reading

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Electric Vehicles Analysis inside Electric Mobility Looking for Energy Efficient and Sustainable Metropolis

Author(s): Miguel Edgar Morales Udaeta, Carolina Attas Chaud, André Luiz Veiga Gimenes, Luiz Claudio Ribeiro Galvao ABSTRACT This paper aims to study and evaluate electric mobility over time, focusing on the development of the electric car. Methodologically, in order to … Continue reading

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Solar Energy Generation Potential Estimation in India and Gujarat, Andhra, Telangana States

Author(s):T. Harinarayana, K. Jaya Kashyap ABSTRACT It is well known that the rampant increase for the demand of electricity and rapid depletion of the fossil fuels has called for immediate response in the direction of energy sufficiency. To accomplish this, … Continue reading

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