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Open Journal of Forestry

Detection of Retention Trees on Clearcuts, a 50-Year Perspective

Authors: Emma Holmström, Ellen Nordström, Delphine Lariviere, Ida Wallin ABSTRACT Changes in clearcut management over time were evaluated using aerial photographs taken between 1960 and 2010. Temporal changes were analysed in two different climatic zones in Sweden: a typical boreal … Continue reading

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Floral diversity and carbon stocks and of protected forest ecosystem: A case of UENR’s Bat Sanctuary, Sunyani, Ghana

Authors: Nat Owusu-Prempeh, Osei Owusu Antobre, Thomas Agyei ABSTRACT The study assesses the functional status of the University of Energy and Natural Resources’ (UENR) bat sanctuary by examining its floral diversity and carbon stocks. Twenty-nine sampling points (plots) were randomly … Continue reading

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Illegal Logging and Related Trade: Who Combat It as Legal Subjects?

Author(s): Jing Qian , Bin Xu , Hongqiang Yang, Ying Nie ABSTRACT Issue on illegal logging and related trade is a hot topic for the international community. It has brought the negative effects to the sustainable development on global society, … Continue reading

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Cycling of Carbon and Other Elements in a Beech Forest Hestehave, Jutland, Denmark, in the Past 50 Years

Author(s): Folke O. Andersson ABSTRACT Plant biomass, primary production and mineral cycling in the beech forest (Fagus sylvatica L.), Hestehave in Jutland, Denmark were studied over a 50-year period. The role of the forest as a carbon sink was also … Continue reading

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Investigating Land-Use Change on Street Tree Ecosystems

Author(s):Thomas Turnbull1, Sharon Jean-Philippe1, Raymond Albright1, David Buckley1, Sean Schaeffer2, P. Eric Wiseman3 ABSTRACT In the early 1940’s, during the early stages of the Manhattan Project (WWII), of rural communities in Anderson County, Tennessee was rapidly converted into laboratory facilities … Continue reading

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