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Linear Panel Data and Farming Cash Flow Analyses to Assess the Causes of Deforestation in the Upper Guinean Forest: Data and Evidence from the Prefectures of the Central Region in Togo

Authors: Koffi Ayewa Bassan, Erin O. Sills, Kouami Kokou ABSTRACT We present a careful quantitative description of land use in central Togo, by constructing farm budgets and analyzing time series data on agricultural production in four prefectures over the time … Continue reading

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Impacts of Zebra Mussel Veliger Control Treatments on the Survival of Water-Hardened Landlocked Fall Chinook Salmon Eggs

Authors: Sierra Hillard, Nathan Huysman, Michael E. Barnes ABSTRACT Several treatment options have been developed to minimize the spread of zebra mussel Dreissena polymorphaveligers (larvae) during fish transportation. However, the effect of these treatments on the survival of newly-fertilized salmonid … Continue reading

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Ecological Characteristics of Two Closely Related Rodent Species in Urban Environment—Permanent Inhabitant vs Newcomer

Author(s): Agnieszka Pieniążek, Miłosława Sokół, Michał Kozakiewicz ABSTRACT The aim of the study was to characterize natural and urban populations of two Apodemus species—the striped field mouse (Apodemus agrarius) and the yellow-necked mouse (Apodemus flavicollis)—seeking to verify whether the different … Continue reading

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The Oil Price Crash of 2014: Implications for a Multi-Billion Dollar LNG Project

Author(s):Uyiosa Omoregie ABSTRACT The price of oil is probably the single most important economic variable in the global economy. The rapid drop in price of oil in 2014 set analysts and commentators busy, trying to predict its trajectory and implications. … Continue reading

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