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International Journal of Geosciences

Petrology of the Volcanic Rocks from Bioko Island (“Cameroon Hot Line”)

-+*Author(s): Fadimatou Ngounouno Yamgouot, Bernard Déruelle, Isaac Bertrand Gambie Mbowou, Ismaïla Ngounouno Abstract Bioko island (3008 m a.s.l.), is composed of the alkaline basaltic lavas (basalts and hawaiites) with xenoliths. These lavas have a microlitic texture and consisted of euhedral to … Continue reading

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Statistical Study of foF2 Diurnal Variation at Dakar Station from 1971 to 1996: Effect of Geomagnetic Classes of Activity on Seasonal Variation at Solar Minimum and Maximum

-+*Author(s): Ali Mahamat Nour, Ouattara Frédéric, Zerbo Jean Louis, Gyébré Aristide Marie Frédéric, Nanéma Emmanuel, Zougmoré François Abstract The statistical study of F2 layer critical frequency at Dakar station from 1971 to 1996 is carried out. This paper shows foF2 statistical … Continue reading

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3D Geology Modeling from 2D Prospecting Line Profile Map

-+*Author(s): Qing-Yuan Li1,2,3, Yang Cui2, Chun-Mei Chen3, Qian-Lin Dong3, Zi-Xiang Ma Abstract Using prospecting line profile map in combination with drilling and other information for 3D reconstruction of geological model is an important method of 3D geological modeling. This paper discusses … Continue reading

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Earth Versus Humans

-+*Author:Reginald R. Muskett In the 1950s science fiction movie “Earth Versus The Flying Saucers,” the Earth is beset by an invading army from an alien world whose inhabitants having depleted their own natural resources sought to colonize Earth and enslave … Continue reading

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