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Detection and Mapping of Water Quality Variation in the Godavari River Using Water Quality Index, Clustering and GIS Techniques

Author(s): Indrani Gupta, Awkash Kumar, Chandrakant Singh, Rakesh Kumar Abstract The objective of this research is to develop a tool for planning and managing the water quality of River Godavari. This is achieved by classifying the pollution levels of Godavari River … Continue reading

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A New Method of Estimating Wave Energy from Ground Vibrations

Author(s): K. Ram Chandar*, V. R. Sastry ABSTRACT Performance of explosive energy is rated in a number of ways, obtained either from theoretical calculations or from experimental tests. However, it is difficult to determine the amount of the explosive energy … Continue reading

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3D Geology Modeling from 2D Prospecting Line Profile Map

Author(s): Qing-Yuan Li1,2,3, Yang Cui2, Chun-Mei Chen3, Qian-Lin Dong3, Zi-Xiang Ma Abstract Using prospecting line profile map in combination with drilling and other information for 3D reconstruction of geological model is an important method of 3D geological modeling. This paper discusses … Continue reading

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Effects of Irradiation with Light of Different Photon Densities on the Growth of Young Green Barley Plants

Author(s): Tianxiao Meng, Eriko Nakamura, Nobuto Irino, Khem Raj Joshi, Hari Prasad Devkota, Shoji Yahara, Ryuichiro Kondo ABSTRACT In recent years, young green barley has been increasingly used as a functional food ingredient. Studies have shown that cultivated young green … Continue reading

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A Contribution to the Epipelic Algal Ecology in Lotic Ecosystem of Iraq

Author(s): Fikrat M. Hassan, Ali Obaid Shaawiat ABSTRACT The study was conducted on epipleic diatoms in a lotic ecosystem. The Al-Shamiyah River was selected which is a distance from industrial activities. Four sites along the river were selected for sampling … Continue reading

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Large- and Medium-Sized Land Mammals of Northeast Marajó Island, Lower Amazon, Brazil

Author(s): Salvatore Siciliano, Renata Emin-Lima, Alexandra F. Costa, José de Sousa e Silva Abstract Marajó, located in the lower Amazon, Brazil, is one of the largest river islands in the world. Most of the island is subject to tidal or seasonal … Continue reading

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A Continuous Electronic Nose Odor Monitoring System in the City of Agadir Morocco

Author(s) :Ahmed Chirmata, Ihya Ait Ichou, Thierry Page ABSTRACT The city of Agadir is one of the best tourist destinations in Morocco, considered as one of the most beautiful bay in the world, which has a port infrastructure and strong … Continue reading

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Seismic Imaging and Reservoir Architecture of Sub-Marine Channel Systems Offshore West Nile Delta of Egypt

Author(s):Essam Sharaf, Ibrahim Korrat, Hamdy Seisa, Eslam Esmaiel ABSTRACT Offshore Nile Delta gas reservoirs are dominated by slope-channel systems of Plio-Pleistocene age. High-quality, three-dimensional seismic imaging has significantly helped in defining the geomorphology and architectures of these channels. Integrating seismic, … Continue reading

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Applying Empirical Methods to Assess the Internal Stability of Embankment Dam Cores of Glacial Till

Author(s):Hans Rönnqvist, Peter Viklander ABSTRACT This paper presents a database of glacial till gradations that are compiled from laboratory internal stability tests from the literature and from core soils of existing dams, some of which have experienced internal erosion. The … Continue reading

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Using Time Series of Satellite Images to Detect Vegetation Cover Change in Dhaka City

Author(s):Sami Al Jaber, Amit Kumar Ghosh, Mallik Sezan Mahmud ABSTRACT The spatial land cover pattern of Dhaka city is restlessly altering as it has highest growing rates among megacities. Due to high urbanization rates, land use is changing from natural … Continue reading

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