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Snow Cover Area Estimation Using Radar and Optical Satellite Information

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Author(s) :Ana Paula Salcedo, Marisa G. Cogliati ABSTRACT Obtaining the seasonal variation of snow cover in areas of the Argentinian Andes is important for hydrological studies and can facilitate proper planning of water resources, with regard to irrigation, supply, flood attenuation … Continue reading

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Mapping Potential Infiltration Patterns Using Digital Elevation Model

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Author(s) :Haris Hasan Khan, Arina Khan, P. D. Sreedevi, Shakeel Ahmed This study attempts to simulate the spatial heterogeneity of infiltration in a drainage basin using digital elevation models. Infiltration capacity is one of the controlling factors in the formation of stream channels. Channel … Continue reading

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Impact on Water Resources in a Mountainous Basin under the Climate Change Transient Scenario (UKTR)

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Author:E. A. Baltas The impact of climate change on the hydrological regime and water resources in the basin of Venetikos river, in Greece is assessed. A monthly conceptual water balance model was calibrated in this basin using historical hydro meteorological … Continue reading

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Overview of Wound Features and Treatment in Wenchuan Earthquake Victims

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Author(s) :Yuanzhang Yao, Lianyang Zhang, Xiaobin Cheng, Yue Shen, Yong He Objective: “5.12” Wenchuan Earthquake killed 70,000 people and left more than 90,000 people injured seriously. This study was to analyze the wound features and early treatments in Wenchuan earthquake victims and investigate treatment strategies … Continue reading

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Earth Versus Humans

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Author:Reginald R. Muskett In the 1950s science fiction movie “Earth Versus The Flying Saucers,” the Earth is beset by an invading army from an alien world whose inhabitants having depleted their own natural resources sought to colonize Earth and enslave … Continue reading

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Warm and Kind Invitation to Discover Faithful and Unique Thermodynamics and Dynamics of Weather Phenomena as Revealed by Mathematic Formulation of Earth’s Atmosphere Dynamic Balance

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Author(s):Mbane Biouele César Meteorology, as practiced and taught today only describes the behavior of ideal gases. However, a huge portion of the troposphere, revealed by the mathematic formulation of earth’s atmosphere dynamic balance established in 2009 by Cesar Mbane Biouele, … Continue reading

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Primitive Mammoth Hunters and the Earliest Breed of Dog

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Author(s) :Petr N. Kolosov Nowadays, the Arctic is of intense interest to the world. It is connected with the continental shelf’s energy resources and the actual problems of Earth’s climate, abilities of the Northern Maritime, fishing and tourism. The question of … Continue reading

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Artificial Explosion of the Sun

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Alexander Bolonkin, Joseph Friedlander* Strategic Solutions Technology Group, New York, USA Source: Explosion of Sun; Computational Water, Energy, and Environmental Engineering; DOI: 10.4236/cweee.2013.23010 The Sun contains ~74% hydrogen by weight. The isotope hydrogen-1 (99.985% of hydrogen in nature) is a usable fuel for fusion … Continue reading

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Beginning of Biodiversity

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Life originated on Earth in the form of unicellular microscopic organisms in sedimentary strata that accumulated in shallow-water seas no later then 3.5 billion years ago. These microorganisms are represented by archebacteria, bacteria and cyanobacteria which have no nucleus in … Continue reading

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Lightning Enhancement in the Amazon Region due to Urban Activity

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Lightning Enhancement in the Amazon Region Due to Urban Activity is in  Osmar Pinto Jr. research from Atmospheric Electricity Group, Earth System Science Center, National Institute of Space Research, S. J. Campos, Brazil,published in American Journal of Climate ChangeJournal 2013 Vol. 2 by Scientific … Continue reading

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