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Latency Aware and Service Delay with Task Scheduling in Mobile Edge Computing

Authors: Dileep Kumar Sajnani, Abdul Rasheed Mahesar, Abdullah Lakhan, Irfan Ali Jamali ABSTRACT In a traditional Mobile Cloud Computing (MCC), a stream of data produced by mobile users (MUs) is uploaded to the remote cloud for additional processing throughout the … Continue reading

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Privacy-Preserving Healthcare System for Clinical Decision-Support and Emergency Call Systems

Authors: Alia Alabdulkarim, Mznah Al-Rodhaan, Yuan Tian ABSTRACT Healthcare centers always aim to deliver the best quality healthcare services to patients and earn their satisfaction. Technology has played a major role in achieving these goals, such as clinical decision-support systems … Continue reading

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A Generic Platform for Sharing Functionalities among Devices

Author(s): Remi Nguyen Van, Hideki Shimada, Kenya Sato   With so many potentially interconnected electronic devices in today’s homes, manufacturers have to think of theirs as only one of the components involved in a general user experience, and not as an isolated device. … Continue reading

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Smarter Selection the Key to Meeting Data Transmission Needs for Small Spacecraft Missions

A spacecraft which is not much bigger than a briefcase could potentially be sent to Jupiter, Uranus or beyond.  However, its ability to send back useful data is limited by communications.  The small size of these craft makes it difficult … Continue reading

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