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Adaptive Cascade Generalized Predictive Control

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Author(s):Tao Geng, Jin Zhao Cascade control is one of the most popular structures for process control as it is a special architecture for dealing with disturbances. However, the drawbacks of cascade control are obvious that primary controller and secondary controller should … Continue reading

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intelligent high resolution satellite/aerial imagery. A new frontier in spatial world

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Author: Nadeem Fareed High resolution satellite images are rich source of geospatial information. Nowadays, these images contain finest spectral and spatial information of ground realities in different electromagnetic spectrum. Many image processing software’s, algorithms and techniques are available to extract such … Continue reading

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Novel Solution Based on Face Recognition to Address Identity Theft and Cheating in Online Examination Systems

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Author(s) :Ayham Fayyoumi, Anis Zarrad Nowadays, e-learning systems have become vital components in the education and training domains. Several countries are attempting to overcome the Knowledge Divide. Through education and training, countries are able to develop the skills of their citizens, consequently … Continue reading

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A Generic Platform for Sharing Functionalities among Devices

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Author(s): Remi Nguyen Van, Hideki Shimada, Kenya Sato   With so many potentially interconnected electronic devices in today’s homes, manufacturers have to think of theirs as only one of the components involved in a general user experience, and not as an isolated device. … Continue reading

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Where is the Mobility in Mobile Cloud Computing?

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Author(s):Al-Sakib Khan Pathan Now-a-days, Mobile Cloud Computing (MCC) has been under intense investigation from various perspectives by many researchers around the globe. But, exactly where is the mobility in this emerging technology? What would be the imperatives to address to … Continue reading

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Smarter Selection the Key to Meeting Data Transmission Needs for Small Spacecraft Missions

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A spacecraft which is not much bigger than a briefcase could potentially be sent to Jupiter, Uranus or beyond.  However, its ability to send back useful data is limited by communications.  The small size of these craft makes it difficult … Continue reading

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Evaluation of Microblog Users’ Influence Based on PageRank and Users Behavior Analysis

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Microblog, is a platform based on user relationships for sharing, transmitting and acquiring information, on which users can establish individual communities, update information with around 140 characters and achieve realtime sharing via WEB, WAP and a variety of clients [1]. … Continue reading

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A Neural Network Approach to Predicting Car Tyre Micro-Scale and Macro-Scale Behaviour

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Finite Element (FE) analysis has become the favoured tool in the tyre industry for virtual development of tyres because of the ability to represent the detailed lay-up of the tyre carcass. However, application of FE analysis in tyre design and … Continue reading

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Human-Computer Interaction – New Paradigm for Interface Design

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Are you tired of applications doing things you didn’t ask them to do and showing information in the way you don’t like?  There is a way to give you the full control over applications. Developers of the programs declare all … Continue reading

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