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Molecular Docking Studies on Anticonvulsant Enaminones Inhibiting Voltage-Gated Sodium Channels

Authors: Yayin Fang, Jamiya Kirkland, Isis J. Amaye, Patrice Jackson-Ayotunde, Matthew George Jr. ABSTRACT Epilepsy is described as the most common chronic brain disorder. A typical symptom of epilepsy results in uncontrolled convulsions caused by temporary excessive neuronal discharges. Although … Continue reading

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A Comparative Kinetic Study on the Efficacious Permanganate Oxidation of Fluorenes in Perchloric and Sulfuric Acid Media

Authors: Rabab S. Jassas, Ahmed Fawzy, Rami J. Obied, Mohammed A. S. Abourehab, Saleh A. Ahmed ABSTRACT Oxidation kinetics of fluorene (Fl) and its halogenated derivatives, namely, 2,7-dichlorofluorene (Fl-Cl), 2,7-dibromofluorene (Fl-Br) and 2,7-diiodofluorene (Fl-I), by permanganate ion in both perchloric … Continue reading

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Detecting Photoacoustic Signals of Sulfur Hexafluoride at Varying Microphone Positions

Author(s):Wittmann S. Murphy, Han Jung Park ABSTRACT Photoacoustic spectroscopy was used to test the photoacoustic properties of sulfur hexafluoride, an optically thick and potent greenhouse gas. While exploring the photoacoustic effect of sulfur hexafluoride, the effects of the position of … Continue reading

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