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International Journal of Organic Chemistry

Selective Monoprotection of Symmetrical Diols in a Flow Reactor

Authors: Hisashi Masui, Masaru Takizawa, Yuki Sakai, Yasuhiro Kajiwara, Kiyofumi Wanibuchi, Mitsuru Shoji, Takashi Takahashi ABSTRACT Desymmetrization reactions provide a powerful approach for the construction of complex molecules. Various methods have been developed for the selective monoprotection of symmetrical diols; … Continue reading

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Alternative and Eco-Friendly Synthesis of Tetrakis(Aminomethyl)Calix-[4]-Resorcinarene

Authors: S. Ali Moussaoui, Ziad Damaj, Moheddine Wehbie, Stéphane Pellet Rostaing, Iyad Karamé ABSTRACT A cleaner and eco-friendly method was developed for the preparation of tetrakis(aminomethyl)calix-[4]-resorcinarene via a synthetic pathway of five steps starting from methylresorcinol. This alternative methodology is … Continue reading

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Synthesis, Reactions and Antimicrobial Activity of Some New 3-Substituted Indole Derivatives

Author(s): Asmaa S. Salman, Naema A. Mahmoud, Anhar Abdel-Aziem, Mona A. Mohamed, Doaa M. Elsisi ABSTRACT Reaction of indole-3-carboxaldehydes 4 with hydrazine derivatives and different substituted acid hydrazides afforded the corresponding hydrazine derivatives 5a-c and acid hydrazide derivatives 7-11 respectively. … Continue reading

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