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High Electrical Conductivity and Conspicuous Phase Transitions in Single Crystals of K-TCNQ

Author: Yadunath Singh ABSTRACT This paper is to report the temperature dependent electrical conductivity of single crystals of radical ion salt (RIS) potassium-TCNQ (K-tetracyanoquino- dimethane) in a wide range of temperatures from 30 to 500 K. This RIS is quasi-one-dimensional … Continue reading

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Examination of Treatment Methods for a PEDOT:PSS Transparent Conductive Film Produced Using an Inkjet Method

Authors: Atsushi Nitta, Yuki Imamura, Kazuya Kawahara, Kazuhiro Takeda ABSTRACT Flexible devices manufactured using printed electronics have attracted the attention of many researchers. A high-performance transparent conductive film exhibiting high flexibility and elasticity is expected to be developed because of … Continue reading

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