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Discussion on Issues of Inheritance of Internet Virtual Property

-+*ABSTRACT With the increasingly close connection between the Internet and citizens, the Internet virtual property is increasing in large amount. Although the viewpoints the parties hold about “virtual property” are different in the judicial practice, the analysis from the perspective … Continue reading

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Three policy priorities for sustainable development: More equitable societies, greener economies, rights-based population policies

-+*Author:Michael Herrmann The greatest challenge of the century is to meet the needs of current and future generations, of a large and growing world population, while at the same time ensuring the sustainability of the natural environment. The current development … Continue reading

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Population aging: Success of past policies, or next big threats to economies?

-+*Author: Michael Herrmann Only two years ago, the world population will reach the 7 billion mark and by mid-century it will have growth to well over 9 billion, according to the latest projections. However, the global trend masks a large and … Continue reading

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