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What Supported the Growth of China’s Air Transport Industry from 1955 to 2011?

Author(s): Xingwu Zheng, Yi Zhang, Wei Lu ABSTRACT China’s civil aviation industry experienced an average annual growth rate of over 16% for traffic turnover during 1955-2011. It is important to identify the role of capital and labor inputs as well … Continue reading

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Analysis on E-Commerce Crisis in China in the International Trade Environment

Author(s): Yanmei Li ABSTRACT The update and development of e-commerce have brought new opportunities and challenges to enterprises in China. E-commerce promotes the formation of global market. It reduces the trade cost, improves the trade efficiency, improves customer satisfaction, etc. … Continue reading

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On the Core Competence of Chinese Manufacturing Industry under the New Formats of “Internet Plus”—A Case Study on Furniture Industry

Author(s): Renping Zhang, Junrong Liu ABSTRACT Through factor analyses, the paper makes a performance evaluation on the listed companies in furniture industry, finds out the representative companies and then analyzes their business strategies and ways to improve their core competence, … Continue reading

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Food Choice Behaviour of Chinese Consumers in Shenyang, Liaoning Province

Author(s):Roseline Love MacArthur, Yuehua Wang, Xuqiao Feng ABSTRACT The aim of the study was to investigate consumers’ use of nutrition claims and to determine the food choice behaviour of Chinese consumers based on the nutrient content of packaged foods. A … Continue reading

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Why “Austerity” Failed in Greece: Testing the Validity of Macro-Economic Models

Author(s):Frederick Betz, Elias Carayannis ABSTRACT During the Euro Crisis which began in 2009 and is still continuing in 2015, Greece provided an interesting case of an empirical test of some macro-economic theories—particularly the theory underpinning the European Union (EU) policy … Continue reading

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Does Money Fly? The Economic Value of Migratory Birdwatching in Xochimilco, Mexico

Author(s): Daniel A. Revollo-Fernández ABSTRACT This paper estimates the economic value that national and international birdwatchers have to keep an urban wetland in this case, Xochimilco (Mexico), as a place of rest, food and/or shelter for migratory birds from North … Continue reading

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Discussion on Issues of Inheritance of Internet Virtual Property

ABSTRACT With the increasingly close connection between the Internet and citizens, the Internet virtual property is increasing in large amount. Although the viewpoints the parties hold about “virtual property” are different in the judicial practice, the analysis from the perspective … Continue reading

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Disequilibrium Pricing—Greek Euro Crisis

Author:Frederick Betz ABSTRACT Financial instability in Greece began in 2009 when the interest rates on Greek sovereign bonds surged; and this can be graphed in a “price disequilibrium” model. To explain how this came about, we create a systems-dynamics model … Continue reading

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Measuring the Severity of a Banking Crisis and Finding Its Associated Factors: How Are the Factors Different for Simple and Severe Banking Crises?

Author(s):Anichul Hoque Khan, Hasnat Dewan ABSTRACT This study measures the severity of a banking crisis by using its duration and the cost. Using this new methodology, we find that the factors associated with a severe banking crisis are not quite … Continue reading

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