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Do BRIC Countries’ Equity Markets Co-Move in Long Run?

Author(s) : Amanjot Singh, Parneet Kaur ABSTRACT The present study attempts to empirically analyze the co-movement in the BRIC countries’ stock markets in the long run by employing a Johansen cointegration technique. We have divided the sample period into two … Continue reading

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Does the Fishing Behavior at Global Scale Really Make Food Security Stronger?

Author(s): Hidalgo Gallardo Amada, Hidalgo Gallardo Ruth Leticia ABSTRACT Due to the accelerated economic liberalization, the environment has been damaged by the high and constant emission of CO2, phenomenon that produces global warming as well as greenhouse effect. These processes … Continue reading

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Why Economics Is a Science: Information, the Grand Unifier

Author(s) : Bhekuzulu Khumalo ABSTRACT Knowledge has always been the primary resource of human beings. The economy has always been a knowledge economy. For those having a firm grasp of knowledge know that using a stick to fend off a … Continue reading

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An Evaluation of Simultaneous Openness Hypothesis in the Context of Stock Market Development: Evidence from a Panel of Fifty Three Countries Based a GMM Study

Author(s): Z. T. Abdallah ABSTRACT This paper focuses on the impact of the concurrent liberalization of current and capital accounts and quality institutions on stock market development. Using annual data from 1996-2013 for a panel of fifty three (53) developed … Continue reading

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Can Financial Education Extend the Border of Bounded Rationality?

Author(s): Doron Greenberg, Ze’ev Shtudiner ABSTRACT When choosing a particular alternative from a number of financial assets, risk is an important feature. According to the classic Capital Assets Pricing Model (CAPM), we would expect to receive a positive correlation between … Continue reading

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What Supported the Growth of China’s Air Transport Industry from 1955 to 2011?

Author(s): Xingwu Zheng, Yi Zhang, Wei Lu ABSTRACT China’s civil aviation industry experienced an average annual growth rate of over 16% for traffic turnover during 1955-2011. It is important to identify the role of capital and labor inputs as well … Continue reading

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Analysis on E-Commerce Crisis in China in the International Trade Environment

Author(s): Yanmei Li ABSTRACT The update and development of e-commerce have brought new opportunities and challenges to enterprises in China. E-commerce promotes the formation of global market. It reduces the trade cost, improves the trade efficiency, improves customer satisfaction, etc. … Continue reading

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On the Core Competence of Chinese Manufacturing Industry under the New Formats of “Internet Plus”—A Case Study on Furniture Industry

Author(s): Renping Zhang, Junrong Liu ABSTRACT Through factor analyses, the paper makes a performance evaluation on the listed companies in furniture industry, finds out the representative companies and then analyzes their business strategies and ways to improve their core competence, … Continue reading

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Food Choice Behaviour of Chinese Consumers in Shenyang, Liaoning Province

Author(s):Roseline Love MacArthur, Yuehua Wang, Xuqiao Feng ABSTRACT The aim of the study was to investigate consumers’ use of nutrition claims and to determine the food choice behaviour of Chinese consumers based on the nutrient content of packaged foods. A … Continue reading

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