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Musical and Photographic Stimulations on the Symptomatology of Alzheimer’s Disease in Elderly

Authors: Jamylly Ferreira Targino Silva, Mayara Leite Alves da Silva, Maykon Wanderley Leite Alves-da-Silva, Douglas Nijenhuis de Castro, Euclides Maurício Trindade Filho, Janise Dal Pai, Lysien Ivania Zambrano, Valtuir Barbosa Felix, Elionai Dias Soares, Camila Conceição Luz Soares, Albérico José … Continue reading

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Cervical and Lumbosacral Radiculoplexus Neuropathy Following Influenza Vaccination

Author: David S. Younger ABSTRACT Acute cervical radiculoplexus neuropathy contralateral to influenza vaccination preceded proximal and distal leg weakness, sensory loss and corresponding deficits of lumbosacral radiculoplexus neuropathy. Treatment with pulse corticosteroids followed by tapering oral corticosteroids and monthly low … Continue reading

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Case Report: A 72 Years Old Man with Isaacs’ Syndrome: A Rare Entity with Different Outcomes

Author(s) : Akam A. Saeed, Zana A. Mohammed, Rebeen R. Saeed ABSTRACT Neuromyotonia is a neuromuscular hyperexitability disorder characterized by muscle stiffness caused by continuous muscle fiber activity. It is an immune mediated disorder with elevated antibody level against presynaptic, … Continue reading

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