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Stem Cell Discovery

Stem Cells: Daddy or Chips? —An Up-to-Date Review on Ground-Breaking Discoveries in Stem Cell Research, with Special Attention to iPSC Applications in Osteoarthritis

Author(s): Pierre Luc Pace, Renald Blundel ABSTRACT “Stem Cells is what stem cells does” not Forrest Gump In the present day Stem Cells are increasingly becoming popularized as the potential “ultimate” cure for the most challenging maladies… the “Daddy of … Continue reading

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The Use of Human Amniotic Membrane for Cartilage Repair: A Sheep Study

Author(s): Samuel K. Tabet, David M. Conner, Davis A. Guebert ABSTRACT Studies show that human amniotic cells’ pluripotentency can be influenced to produce chondrocytes and osteocytes through adding demineralized bone (DMB). Objective: This study evaluates the human amniotic membrane (HAM) … Continue reading

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