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Results on Pathogen Detection of Foot and Mouth Disease in Guangxi China and Analysis on Its Popular Spectrum

Author(s): Shanqiu Wei, Wenyi Dong, Guosheng Su, Qiuying Ma, Shunda Luo, Zuyan Ni ABSTRACT Objective: The study aims to understand the characteristics and epidemic trend of the pathogen of hand, foot and mouth disease (HFMD) in Guangxi regions, China. Besides, … Continue reading

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The Relationship between Psychological Suzhi and Mental Health among Chinese College Students

Author(s): Xinqiang Wang, Xueqi Zhang, Dajun Zhang ABSTRACT Object: To explore the relationship between psychological suzhi and mental health among Chinese college students, and to gain psychological suzhi factors that are predictors for mental health. Method: By using stratified sampling … Continue reading

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Gc-Ms Analysis and Antibacterial Activity of Mangosteen Leaf Extracts against Plant Pathogenic Bacteria

Author(s):Qamar Mohammed Naji Alsultan, Kamaruzaman Sijam, Tavga Sulaiman Rashid, Khairulmazmi Bin Ahmad ABSTRACT The potential of Garcinia mangostana as a biological control agent against plant pathogenic bacteria which decrease the quality and volume of crop production worldwide was assessed. Mangosteen … Continue reading

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Comparison of Child Lunch Meals in Brazil

Author(s): Carolina Martins, Natália Sanchez Oliveira Jensen, Silvia Maria Franciscato Cozzolino ABSTRACT Background: Recently, revised Dietary Guidelines in Brazil included a recommendation to “avoid fast food”. This project compared meals from home and away from home. Objective: To evaluate advertised … Continue reading

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Case Report: A 72 Years Old Man with Isaacs’ Syndrome: A Rare Entity with Different Outcomes

Author(s) : Akam A. Saeed, Zana A. Mohammed, Rebeen R. Saeed ABSTRACT Neuromyotonia is a neuromuscular hyperexitability disorder characterized by muscle stiffness caused by continuous muscle fiber activity. It is an immune mediated disorder with elevated antibody level against presynaptic, … Continue reading

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Nutritional Composition of Orange Juice: A Comparative Study between French Commercial and Home-Made Juices

Author(s):Aurelie Chanson-Rolle, Veronique Braesco, Julien Chupin, Laurence Bouillot ABSTRACT The study aimed to compare the nutritional composition of commercial and home-made orange juices with a fruit content of 100%, i.e., without dilution with water and without addition of sugars or … Continue reading

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Identification of MicroRNA-Like Molecules Derived from the Antigenome RNA of Hepatitis C Virus: A Bioinformatics Approach

Author(s) : Juan Cristina, Ricardo Recarey ABSTRACT MicroRNAs (miRNAs) are small, noncoding RNA molecules that play important roles in the regulation of gene expression of the cell. Recent studies have described cytoplasmic RNA virus genome- derived miRNAs. Moreover, miRNAs have … Continue reading

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Motivation Factors of Consumers’ Food Choice

Author(s): Iraz Haspolat Kaya ABSTRACT Consumer perception of food products is a very complex phenomenon that is influenced by a wide range of characteristics. The major motivation for food science and nutrition should be sensual features, cost/price balance, and consumer … Continue reading

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Preliminary Study on the Histology in the Head Sarcoma of Goldfish (Carassius auratus)

Author(s) : Lei Wang, Zaizhong Chen, Caixia Hu, Feng Yan, Jun Xu, Xuehua Wang, Yuanyuan Zhou, Wei Wang, Weihua Zhao ABSTRACT The sarcoma structure of goldfish was first analyzed by frozen section technique. The present study revealed the alkaline and … Continue reading

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Microwave/Thermal Analyses for Human Bone Characterization

Author(s): Vinay Kumar Suryadevara, Suyog Patil, James Rizkalla, Ahdy Helmy, Paul Salama, Maher Rizkalla ABSTRACT A novel imaging approach utilizing microwave scattering was proposed in order to analyze various properties of bone. Microwave frequencies of 900 MHz, 1 GHz, and … Continue reading

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