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Nutritional Epidemiological Study to Estimate Usual Intake and to Define Optimum Nutrient Profiling Choice in the Diet of Egyptian Youths

Author(s): Moushira Zaki, Laila Hussein, Mostafa Gouda, Rania Bassuoni, Ahmed Hassanein ABSTRACT Objectives: To define optimum food and nutrient profiling in gender-specific and age group-specific variant regression models. Setting: 481 subjects of both sexes (18.4 years old) from Giza urban … Continue reading

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Bacterial Transfer from Hands While Eating Popcorn

Author(s): Kimberly A. Baker, Inyee Y. Han1, J. Bailey, Lauren Johnson, Edward Jones1, Amy Knight, Mollye MacNaughton, Peter Marvin, Katherine Nolan, Rose Martinez-Dawson, Paul L. Dawson ABSTRACT Popcorn is a very social food, often shared with others and offered at … Continue reading

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Synthesis and Characterization of Bimetallic Gold-Silver Core-Shell Nanoparticles: A Green Approach

Author(s): A. Calagua, H. Alarcon, F. Paraguay, Juan Rodrigue ABSTRACT Bimetallic gold-silver core-shell nanoparticles were prepared by chemical reduction in aqueous solution, following a method that was friendly to the environment, allowing us to use this for medicinal purposes. Gold … Continue reading

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Stem cell technologies in human health: Boon or bane?

Author(s): Madhavi Tripathi, Sangeeta Singh ABSTRACT The stem cells of an organism only possess extraordinary capacity to change into different cell types during the early life and growth of an organism. When these stem cells divide into different new cells, … Continue reading

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Generalization of the Thermal Dose of Hyperthermia in Oncology

Author(s): Gyula Vincze, Oliver Szasz, Andras Szasz ABSTRACT Hyperthermia has been a modality to treat cancer for thousands of years. During this time, intensive efforts are concentrated on determining the dose of the proper treatment, but the dominantly in vitro … Continue reading

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The Use of Human Amniotic Membrane for Cartilage Repair: A Sheep Study

Author(s): Samuel K. Tabet, David M. Conner, Davis A. Guebert ABSTRACT Studies show that human amniotic cells’ pluripotentency can be influenced to produce chondrocytes and osteocytes through adding demineralized bone (DMB). Objective: This study evaluates the human amniotic membrane (HAM) … Continue reading

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Assessing Ecotoxicity in Marine Environment Using Luminescent Microalgae: Where Are We At?

Author(s): Sophie Sanchez-Ferandin ABSTRACT Nowadays, microalgae are particularly used to assess the environmental impact of contaminants in aquatic systems. Naturally present in some algal species, bioluminescence is highly used in application fields related to environmental monitoring. Bioluminescent dinoflagellates have played … Continue reading

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Migratory Phenomenons, Bioethics and Vaccinations

Author(s): Giulio Tarro ABSTRACT The evolution of the HIV following migratory phenomenons is reported in an interesting study carried on for 15 years. Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) is a technique in molecular biology that amplifies a specific region of deoxyribonucleic … Continue reading

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Do Bt Transgenic Events Alter the Phenotypic Stability of Maize Hybrids?

Author(s): Rafael Parreira Diniz , Renzo Garcia Von Pinho , José Airton Rodrigues Nunes, Lívia Maria Chamma Davide , Adriano Delly Veiga, João Cândido de Souza ABSTRACT Transgene insert location in the genome through different methods is random. Thus, alterations … Continue reading

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Brain Signaling in Psychiatric Disorders: What Can They Tell Us in the Absence of Behavioral Differences?

Author(s):Jodi M. Gilman , James M. Bjork, Timothy E. Wilens ABSTRACT This is a commentary on the often-observed phenomenon of observing task-based brain signaling differences between clinical populations and healthy control participants in the absence of any behavioral decrements in … Continue reading

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