The “Surprise Effect” of Macro Indicators on the Options Implied Volatilities Dynamics: A Test on the United States-Germany Relationship

Authors: Michele Patanè, Mattia Tedesco, Stefano Zedda

This paper analyzes the “surprise effect” of some macroeconomic indicators on the US and Germany stock indexes options implied volatility, by means of a VAR model and IRFs between the two volatility indexes. Results show a significant influence of some specific macroeconomic “surprise effects” so that the US volatility has a positive influence on the German one, but not vice versa. With reference to the first considered period, January 2008-May 2012, characterized by higher volatility, the German market analysis shows a direct link between the “surprise effect” of the IFO Business Climate Index and the VDAX-NEW index changes. As regard the second time period (June 2012-December 2014), characterized by lower volatility, the significant macro “surprise effects” are related to the industrial sector (US Retail Sales, German Producer Price) and the job market (US Non-Farm Payroll). These results on the linkages between the macro “surprise effects” and the volatility indexes can be useful for implementing more effective short-term speculative and hedging strategies, based on the “surprise effect” direction and his link with the volatility index.


Journal: Modern Economy
DOI: 10.4236/me.2017.84044 (PDF)
Paper Id: 75678 (metadata)

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