CDS-Bond Basis Dynamic and Credit Spread Price Discovery: A Test for European Corporate and Sovereign Bond Markets

Authors: Michele Patanè, Mattia Tedesco, Stefano Zedda

This work analyzes the possible links between CDS premiums and bond spreads, with reference to both Eurozone sovereign and corporate markets, within the period 2011-2018. The main goal of this work is to provide more up-to-date results about the theoretical equivalence between the CDS premium and the credit spread of the underlying bond, and about the price discovery process of the credit risk between the CDS market and the bond market. While in theory, the so-called CDS-bond basis must tend to zero, the analyses on all the considered markets have shown that While, theoretically, the CDS-bond basis must tend to zero, the analysis on all the considered markets has shown that it results to be constantly away from parity and, more specifically, positive on average. The analysis of the price discovery process of the credit risk between the CDS market and the bond market, analyzed by means of the VAR and VECM models, confirms the leader role of bond spreads for almost all the analyzed entities. These evidence could be useful for arbitrageurs, who want to take advantage of potential market inefficiencies, and for regulators interested in guaranteeing the financial system stability through timely and correct inclusion of all available information in the security prices, avoiding any adverse selection issue.


Journal: Modern Economy
DOI: 10.4236/me.2019.108126(PDF)
Paper Id: 94674


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