Analysis on E-Commerce Crisis in China in the International Trade Environment

Author(s): Yanmei Li

The update and development of e-commerce have brought new opportunities and challenges to enterprises in China. E-commerce promotes the formation of global market. It reduces the trade cost, improves the trade efficiency, improves customer satisfaction, etc. According to the characteristics and advantages of electronic commerce, this article uses the literature data method, the data statistics method to our country electronic commerce in the international trade to carry on the detailed analysis. This study provides the theoretical basis for the avoidance of crisis and stable development of electronic commerce in international trade. Conclusion: It is proposed that when e-commerce is applied in international trade in China, infrastructure shall be updated; the research and development of security technology shall be paid attention to; laws and regulations shall be improved; and the sea​​mless integration with international trade is required.


Journal: Modern Economy
DOI: 10.4236/me.2016.71008 (PDF)
Paper Id: 62981 (metadata)

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