Does the Fishing Behavior at Global Scale Really Make Food Security Stronger?

Author(s): Hidalgo Gallardo Amada, Hidalgo Gallardo Ruth Leticia

Due to the accelerated economic liberalization, the environment has been damaged by the high and constant emission of CO2, phenomenon that produces global warming as well as greenhouse effect. These processes have a direct influence in land, water and air; the influence on seas is detected on the natural resource of fish and seafood, which tends to change their geographic status, mutation and extinction of the specie. This article has the purpose to reflect on the importance about the marine natural resources conservation since they are food products with high protein and worldwide consumption rates. Because of this, the present investigation aims to elaborate a descriptive analysis based on the Complex Interdependence Theory in the fishing industry during the period 2006-2013. This analysis has showed that the productivity of the resource presents unbalances in characteristics, regulation, production and trade, for what it is necessary the restructuring of the fisheries sector with reinforced and strict regulation of the activity to face this item delay.


Journal: Journal of Human Resource and Sustainability Studies
DOI: 10.4236/jhrss.2016.41003 (PDF)
Paper Id: 63534 (metadata)

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