Am I Motivated? Working Conditions that Best Motivate Human Resource Practitioners

Human Resource Practitioners and employees in general have high desires for ownership, achievement, affiliation, competence and power and works well within an organization that foster these desired.  When employees are able to identify those factors that determine their level of motivation and job satisfaction within the organization, they become healthy employees and functions better on the job.

In Cerease Nevins-Bennett research review from the School of Business and Entrepreneural Studies, Excelsior Community College, published in Journal of Human Resource and Sustainability Studies 2013, volume 1, by Scientific Research Publishing, results show that goal orientated and learning oriented motivation styles are best practiced by participants neglecting the relationship motivation style. Employees were motivated to use appropriate behaviours to satisfy their needs which are usually learned from the culture of the society.  Employees stated that being recognized is good as it builds one’s self esteem and confidence which will lead to job satisfaction over a period of continuous recognition.   Beliefs such as “I get a lot of satisfaction when the customers are happy and are appreciative about what I do, as well as when they praise me” fosters motivation.

Working conditions that provides for the autonomous needs of the employees are also paramount. This need for autonomy is innate in all human beings and a frustration of this need will lead to maladaptive behaviour. Performance-mastery approach is important in this case as to be autonomous within the organization the workers must show a sense of task performance and mastery before full task confidence is bestowed unto them

To solve these motivational problems arising from their  work environment, employees need to identify and eliminate all demotivators; make work fun and enjoyable; become active and not passive within the organization; surround themselves with positive people and identify their ‘provision ground’ – a heaven of comfort and happiness.

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