Path Analysis between Organizational Size and Forms of Organizational Commitment

Authors: A. Olu Oyinlade, Zachary J. Christo

This study attempted to predict the relationship between organizational size and the three established forms of organizational commitment: affective, normative and continuance. We found no statistical evidence or compelling logic to ascertain that organizational size, in itself, will be a meaningful direct predictor of each of the three forms of organizational commitment, and any statistical significance of such relationship would be spurious and meaningless. However, we tested for indirect relationships between size and the commitment variants through five selected mediating variables. We tested the null for three model and 18 path hypotheses using the structural equation model. Our findings showed a fit between our data and model for predicting both affective and normative but not continuance commitment. All 18 path hypotheses were statistically significant as each mediating variable and the commitment variables were predicted by their antecedents. The study showed that perceived firm internal labor market (FILM) upward mobility propensity, voluntary employee organizational involvement, and employee investments in their organizations significantly predicted organizational commitment, especially the affective and normative types.


Journal: American Journal of Industrial and Business Management
DOI: 10.4236/ajibm.2020.1010105(PDF)
Paper Id: 103335 (metadata)

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